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Pisces 20 February - 20 March

Health and Fitness 2015

You love to go with the flow of situations, as it suits your co-ruler Neptune which is dreamy and the quality of your sign which is Mutable. Too much rigidity is not necessarily good for you, though conversely learning to stick at more virtuous areas of life is important too. And the chances are life is going to be asking you to show a lot of commitment as far as your professional situation is concerned all throughout 2015. And if you are goal orientated, this can be a challenge that you can rise to. But if too many demands crowd in on you all of the time, this will start to be more draining. Fortunately, Jupiter is going to be reinforcing your health sector in the first half of this year, and this will help you to stand up to these demands. But it's the Pisces Solar Eclipse, in the third week of March, which is so crucial. Because this is encouraging you not to be too passive in your approach, to make sure that you're pushing yourself to continually work at looking after your welfare and best interests, whilst juggling any desire you have for world domination. So your hobbies, interests, activities and fitness strategies need to be fluid, but ones which continue to engage you. A great way to do this would be for example, to do anything which involves working out to music. Then again, if you have a love of arts, a more healing sensory comfort can come from these. Whether it's visiting galleries, watching plays, or even bands, this is the way you can engage with the world at large, yet tune into your highly sensitive psyche. All of which can keep you in balance.