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Pisces 20 February - 20 March

Love and Romance 2015

A friend can have something of a crush on you as this year begins Pisces, but just who may come as something of a surprise. Your relationship sector really does glisten this year, but you might have to join in with people generally to spark the main, one to one relationship you crave. For those Fish partnered up, the move of Saturn is significant, because it suggests a lot more worldly responsibilities will be heading your way, and you'll need your partner to be fully supportive. Then again, if you're a singleton don't be surprised either if you develop a relationship with someone from a different age group or who you meet through work. Your personal identity sector is bolstered from Mid-January as Mars powers into Pisces, and this, along with the Pisces Eclipse on March 20th, can supercharge your vitality and self confidence. Go show people what a one off you are - for if you do, it can be so intoxicating and draw admirers in your direction. An unhappy tie, from mid-June to mid-September, can be more challenging. If a separation occurs it could prove testing, especially if there are assets to carve up and legalities involved. Fortunately, a quite beautiful link between your two ruling planets of Jupiter and Neptune at the end of this period, can see you bounce back and have your faith in person kind restored. For all Pisces lovers, mid October can see a connection occur which could impact on your situation for many Moons to come. However, this might involve setting new goals, or focusing on one person more than some friends you have spent time with in the recent past.