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Scorpio 24 October - 22 November

Love and Romance 2015

You can feel much more liberated as this year begins Scorpio, for the stern and repressive Saturn has bid farewell to your zodiac sign, at least until mid-June, when he briefly reappears for just three months, before waving goodbye, not to return for thirty long years! Of course, Saturn provides challenges to us all wherever it is located, but I do feel that in terms of your physical vitality, you will start to feel much more upbeat, and circumstances generally can seem less heavy. Your co-ruler Pluto also combines with the Sun for your Solar Return to give you some very persuasive energies for the whole year. Coupled with a sensational Solar Eclipse in late March in your sector of self-expression and romance, the planets conspire to give you a much greater chance to be yourself and to attract someone new and exciting into your world. Do seize this with both hands. For settled Scorpio's, ensuring household chores are divided up fairly, can be a key factor. Nervous tension remains high this year, and spreading yourself too thinly generally won't be a good thing. So, co-operating with your partner could help this. Having similar values can also be something to savour. Working together to ensure the household budget stays in trim can also be an area which creates harmony. If you're in a relationship which lacks intimacy, this can become a sticking point during 2015, and you could find yourself craving the closeness that this brings. From August 12th, social activities will skyrocket, and whatever your status it's going to be an opportunity to join in with others much more. Someone you get talking to in the Autumn through a gathering could really make your pulse race faster.