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Taurus 21 April - 21 May

Love and Romance 2015

You can let a huge sigh of relief out as this year begins Taurus, for Saturn, the planet of restriction which has been influencing your sector of relationships for the last two and a quarter years, has moved into a new home. Right from the beginning 2015 things can seem lighter as far as getting on with other people are concerned. Despite this, just be aware that over the summer months some of the issues that were confronting you throughout that period of time could come back to face you once more, so it's not a time to be complacent. But if you've learned your lessons well, all sorts of relationships can now improve. There is also a very expansive look to your Solar Return, one which can see you keen to open up new horizons. But of all the Zodiac signs you can be sometimes the most reluctant to make changes, and yet if you don't and just stick with strictly what you know, the square between Uranus and Pluto can leave you feeling ultra restless and on edge. So, being open to different types of people, even those who in the past may not have been your cup of tea, is going to be a great way to assuage this. Taking up new hobbies and interests can be a super way to open up the possibility of meeting someone new and exciting. If you're in an existing relationship and things become rather too predictable between you, look to do new things together. One of the areas that you can find particularly fascinating will be through travel, higher education or perhaps even learning a new language. However, Saturn this year, is for nine months, working its way through the part of your horoscope to do with what you share, particularly in terms of finances. This may require some extra openness or commitment, or thinking outside the box. After all, who earns the most money is not the only way that commitment can be judged, especially when it comes to child care or domestic chores. The big turning point for this year romantically comes on August 12th when Jupiter the planet of joy moves into the most romantic part of your situation where he will be for the following twelve months. A magical link with Neptune in September can also prove inspiring. Someone could deeply move you then, and as Jupiter angles to Pluto in October, a bond can be forged which lasts a lifetime.