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Taurus 21 April - 21 May

Work and Wealth 2015

You've a reputation of liking familiarity. Yet the stars push you this year to be more experimental, to step outside your comfort zone. If you feel restless, find ways to rejuvenate your situation and if you find yourself studying, travelling or engaging in new interests embrace them. However, taking the first steps may not be easy. Try to overcome doubts by facing any inner blockages you might have. The Solar Eclipse of March 20th occurs in your sector of friendships, and encourages you to find ways to be more spontaneous and linking with others in the following six months. The great news is that your relationship sector is looking much more positive, although through the Summer months when strict Saturn briefly returns in Scorpio, there will be a period where one tie could require more work or reach make or break. With luck maker Jupiter moving on August 11th into your sector of love, this primes up a twelve month period of opportunity to meet the love of your life. Be aware however, that for a month from mid-September, he will go face-to-face with the dreamy influence of Neptune. Someone you meet then may sweep you off your feet, but try to slow things down and go at your pace. Mid-October can also be a trigger for all sorts of wonderful changes when your energy and vitality revive, and changes you've wanted for a long time finally shape up.