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Virgo 24 August - 23 September

Love and Romance 2015

It's true this year does continue to see Uranus and Pluto clash, so any form of jealousy, intense control or obsessive attractions, should be avoided at all costs. However, your zest for romance is certainly going to be refreshed as this year begins. In fact, there may have been something that happened just at the very end of 2014, which is giving you a real appetite for making the most of this highly important area of your life. Whether a flirty encounter then can lead to something more, early in the New Year is not really the issue, because 2015 offers such rich promise, and especially if you've reached a part of your life where you would appreciate more security and a more settled existence, perhaps even the thought of starting a family. If you're in a relationship as this year begins, the emotional dynamic between you and yours comes under the astral spotlight too. Becoming more aware of your needs and those of others in a more sensitive, caring way is going to be part of this. But the big springboard this year occurs on the 20th March, when the Solar Eclipse in your sector of relating is going to give you an even greater appreciation of this area of life. It can also push you to find ways to harmonise existing relationships or push you towards meeting somebody new. Once Jupiter, the planet of fortune, enters your sign on August 12th, this is going to give you even greater self-confidence and personal belief that things can start to head in your direction - and you'd be right. Its opposition with Neptune from mid September to the early days of October could also see you enjoying a truly romantic encounter. Yet, it's going to be the link that Jupiter makes with Pluto from mid October which will be truly telling, as this combination can see you taking a lead and dazzling someone with all of your power, in a way which could snare you a life time love.