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Capricorn 2017 Horoscope

Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

As the year's change, a formidable influence is forged for you for the following year. And there is a fantastic link between the Sun, Mars and Neptune, which suggests your ability to communicate with people is going to be energised and enhanced, although there is a proviso. This is that Mercury is retrograde at the start of the year, suggesting that 2017 could see you embrace certain ideas, run with them, and then shift onto different strands. The chances are this can be a real pattern. For someone like yourself who works very patiently at long-term goals, this could prove frustrating at times, but only if you judge yourself. Because essentially Capricorn, if you can just see that the year is going to be influenced by a fair degree of fluidity, it can help you to be more philosophical. The real gift the stars are giving you is going to be one of options. So if you experiment with some and decide not to stick with them, so be it. The first couple of months of the year, September and half of October can also see some rather unexpected encounters or experiences which could prove unsettling. Keep the faith. For actually, if you are investing in your emotional being, your inner voice will guide your progress. Then a new dawn emerges in December.

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