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Leo 2017 Horoscope

Leo 24 July - 23 August

As Saturn has made his way through your sector of self-expression, romance, creativity and life's delights since December 2014, well, things may have seemed anything other than delightful. But this year, right from the off he is acting co-operatively with both Jupiter and Uranus in a way which can be really positive for you. You have probably been going through a vast period of rationalisation, cutting out of your situation the things that are no longer relevant to you. Now you can go on the front foot and start to consolidate the things that matter and even grow the areas that are important to you. Uranus can be particularly helpful for you in this regard, and right through 'till June. With Jupiter also infusing your sector of communication through to 10th October, if you have something to say to people that excites you, the chances are your enthusiasm is going to prove infectious. Yet anything to do with shared resources, finance and property will need great care, particularly in the first six months. But by the time of the solar Eclipse in your sign on 21st August, you will start to create the platform to really explode into action in the last half of the year. Hold onto your hat Leo, because it is going to be a very expansive ride!

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