2017 Horoscopes

Year 2017 begins with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, so will miscommunications be a part of the astral picture for the new year?

Well, perhaps. Mercury in Capricorn is businesslike and well organised, but if too much emphasis is placed on the material plane in 2017 it will be counterproductive.

Despite its retrograde Mercury actually forges a fine, if disassociate link with Venus in Aquarius, and with the Sun in Capricorn also forging a fine angle to Mars in Pisces, which itself is alongside the dreamy energies of Neptune, compassion and tenderness can blend with the more ambituious vibes of Capricorn energy.

Saturn also begins this year in a positive Trine with the planet of freedom Uranus. Uplifting changes in the global consciousness can emerge from this, where collective will and needs are boosted ground breaking approaches that help all person kind. Astrology could undergo a revival under this influence, and people with foresighted ideas of working together can come to the fore.

Jupiter, the planet of growth, also links positively to Saturn, the planet of structure. Where explansive plans are well thought through they can be sustained in the long term. However, ironically, Jupiter is in opposition to Uranus and this cautions us not to get swept away with grand ideas, that are neither well thought through or practicable.

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The 12th of January also sees a Full Moon in Cancer which forms a Cardinal Grand Cross with both Uranus and Jupiter, and this influence is likely to be felt for sometime to come. This Full Moon is concerned with balancing home, emotional and familial needs with more worldly considerations. With Jupiter in the mix, things can get blown out of proportion somewhat too easily, and relationships, be it at home or professionally will need some care in 2017.

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