Horoscopes 2018

Aries 21 March - 20 April

Embrace your goals and ambitions in a really meaningful way. Any talents, skills or hobbies you have, well, you're going to take them a lot more seriously. You are one of the leaders of the zodiac Aries, being a Cardinal sign and your attributes are going to come together in a really powerful way throughout the whole year. Part of this does indeed come from the role of strict Saturn, which has moved into your Solar Midheaven, but equally it comes from the transit of Jupiter, which at the start of this year combines quite brilliantly with your guide planet of Mars. All this is going to give you a tremendous amount of motivation, thrust and desire to see your voice heard. If you want to be successful in a business or career setting, this is the time to really apply yourself.

The Eclipses this year also ask you to really listen to your hunches, especially about your future direction in life, and also about friendships and even partnerships. Do note the 27th of March to the 9th of April, and the last ten days of April. These can be periods when you experience an enormous desire to succeed in whatever is important to you. Uranus, the planet of surprises also moves out of your sign for six months and into earthy Taurus. Applying your leadership skills in more novel or unusual situations could create some real financial benefits. Travel is a very real possibility in the last two months of 2018, and if you're still single you could meet someone through your work or from a different age group in the last three months of the year. 

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Taurus 21 April - 21 May

Quite simply Taurus, this can be an absolutely sensational year for you, but to really tap into your true potential, staying exactly as you are is probably not an option. If this sounds a little challenging, well, that's understandable after all you are the member of the zodiac that likes a large degree of permanence and security. The planets are pushing you to step outside your comfort zone in a major way. You may even find yourself being more experimental about all different elements of life than you have ever previously been. This can have an impact on your home and professional aspirations too. But do you know, your relationships are also blessed with an amazing combination between Mars and Jupiter at the start of the year, and also your ruler Venus and the Sun, and all this is going to prime real opportunities for you. Jupiter is the planet of fortune, and stays in your sector of relationships through to the 10th of November. With Venus your ruler, also in your sector of relating for an extended period in the last quarter of 2018, even if there are some changes in this very important part of life, ultimately it can be better for you in the longer term. All sorts of people are going to be tuning into you and seeing you through a new perspective. Be open-minded about the types of people that you can link with, and the sky really is the limit. Travel, be it for personal or business reasons, can also feature predominantly throughout this year. Equally, you can find yourself attracted to higher education, different cultures or living abroad. 

Gemini 22 May - 21 June

A much more serious you is set to develop this year Gemini. A real transformation in the way you view life and even view yourself, can take place. This could also include moving home, merging your resources with another person, falling deeply in love or conversely asserting your independence and leaving an unsatisfactory tie. Why all the intensity? Well, it's because there's a real clustering of energy in the part of your horoscope to do with ends and beginnings. This is known as the 8th Solar House, and it is one of the most passionate parts of the zodiac. But also, there is energy activating the more physical side of life, and you're going to be working very hard this year and getting fitter, stronger and much more organised about the way you approach your whole existence. What you are learning can inform some of the decisions you make, be it around health, diet, fitness, as much as work and employment, and even potentially starting your own enterprise. But your communication skills are still going to be vitally important to the process. And this year's Eclipses are giving you fantastic support, especially in the second half of the year to demonstrate just how talented and flexible you can be. Keep a bag packed at all times, because you are going to be on the move a great deal more, and it can help you to open up to how you think about life in a wonderful way. Perhaps the most delightful change occurs on 11th November. For then Jupiter, the planet of fortune enters your sector of relationships, where it will sparkle for thirteen months! 

Cancer 22 June - 23 July

There are all sorts of relationships Cancer, be they professional, with friends and more personally. And all of these are going to be under the astral spotlight for the whole of 2018. How you interact with others, and how you perceive them, but more importantly, how other people perceive you, is going to become a bigger issue. This could throw up some real opportunities, especially as your sector of romance is also reinforced by very positive planetary influences. If you're solo, there is every chance you won't be at the year's end. However, if you're involved, your relationship could go through a number of shifts, but ones which can be very positive if it helps to create a greater sense of equanimity between you and yours. But equally, this can be a year where you forge a major alliance with a friend or someone who shares a passion for a topic that enthuses you. Mind, other changes can be triggered by the Eclipses and also by the planet of freedom Uranus, and its journey through your sector of long-term plans, for six months of the year from mid-May. But April is set to be a very potent month as far as those relationships are concerned. What develops and what you learn, can influence you for many Moons to come. Equally, the last three months of the year can be a time when your creative talents or those of your children, if you have them, can really flourish. The Eclipses however, do ask you to rethink some of your core values. As the North Node, the point of destiny, also joins you, new starts are also possible late on. 

Leo 24 July - 23 August

Practicalities are much to the fore as this year begins, and with Saturn, the planet of structure, back in this location for the first time in 25 years, the nuts and bolts issues of life are going to require some serious attention. See this as a very positive opportunity, one which can help you to get your existence running that much more smoothly, and to free up time for the things that you are seriously good at. The Total Lunar Eclipse of the 31st of January in Leo does suggest that whatever you change, you need to be very much hands-on, or you could become a little bit bored or restless. Now, the potential for this around your work is going to grow exponentially from the middle of May through to early November. And if you are in a role, which doesn't truly stretch you, you may yearn for something new and completely different. But sometimes Leo, you're at your best when you're co-operating closely with another person. And the Partial Solar Eclipses of this year, underscores this, so look out for anyone all through the year who you can interact with and share your input. This could be a creative partnership or it may be an entrepreneurial one. Romantically, Venus starts the year in a very practical location, but it ends in a very sensitive one, and the last quarter of 2018 can see you yearning for a more nurturing and gentle alliance. Energy-wise, your emotional and physical being can be strengthened, but you are also asked to be that much more virtuous in what you eat and drink.

Virgo 24 August - 23 September

You can find yourself a lot more active this year Virgo, and even if you're someone who prides yourself on the level of interests and creative strands you are already involved with, the chances are many more are on their way. Being ruled by the planet Mercury, communication is always important to you, and especially if you can see something tangible come from this. But this can play out in different ways in 2018, with an increased interest in writing, texting or travelling from place to place, with lots of short visits on the astral cards. But this is also a year when you can find greater desire to express your individuality. You're often the person who keeps everything together for everyone else, providing the glue and being very supportive, but now you're going to want to demonstrate the full range of your talents. This extra verve and vibrancy that you're going to be displaying can also work wonders for your love life. With a much greater self-confidence about the way you communicate with others, new people can gravitate towards you. Yet Uranus is going to spend six months of this year in a much more adventurous part of your situation, one which can urge you to push beyond any previous boundaries you may have had. Some radical new ideas can come into play, or you may find yourself heading off to some exotic locations. Fresh ideas on health, fitness and diet, and also the type of roles that you can work in, can also emerge. But all in all, this can be a year of fantastic opportunities, growth and also fun.  

Libra 24 September - 23 October

The Eclipses in 2018 give you a wonderful opportunity to boost your social profile, and be much more self expressive, and to interact with others in the most bubbly and vibrant of ways. Linking up with people in this manner can also be good for you financially, because you are going to have the happy knack of being able to turn your ideas into ways in which you can improve your income, and especially in more social or people orientated ways. This could also be a year when you find that your sweet tooth does get the upper hand, and your love of the good things in life is certain to flourish. But with such a large emphasis on your home, emotional and family sectors, feeling comfortable in your environment or in your very closest relationships, is also going to be at the root of this year's journey. Why? Well, your ruler Venus combines with the Sun at the turn of the year, but also Saturn has moved into the 4th Solar House, and in this location the planet of structure is joining with the planet of change Pluto, which has been in Capricorn since 2008. So it really is very possible that where you live or how you live there could change at some point this year. This could see you put down deeper roots in an existing location, or move to somewhere where you feel that you would be more settled. There could also be a new addition to the family, or if someone in your clan is in their later years, you can find yourself providing sterling support. Financially, very positive opportunities can come to pass in the last quarter of the year. 

Scorpio 24 October - 22 November

You can burst into the New Year with a real sense of renewed vigour and enthusiasm. Your energy can be especially high, and both your ruling planets of Mars and Pluto, are brilliantly placed. Sometimes you can be a little reticent in the way you communicate with others, but anything you feel passionate about, really has to come to the fore. Your determination to press beyond any barriers or limitations is going to be incredible. All this can give you a lot more physical vitality, and if you do find yourself getting frustrated when those inevitable glitches come along, you may find that increasing your level of activities will help you to burn off any excess energy. There could be some of this late in March and all through April. Not everybody is necessarily going to share your vision or buy into the ideas that you're developing, and there could be a little bit of a battle of wills during this period. Also, Saturn goes into a retrograde in April which will last for five and a half months, and you may find that some people challenge some of your ideas, views and beliefs more readily than before. With Uranus moving into your sector of relationships in mid-May, the following six months can see you much more restless - if you're not fulfilled romantically. Then again, it could bring somebody into your orbit who is really exciting and different. The Eclipses this year ask you to be mindful of emotional issues in the first six months, and professional ones in the last half of the year. A real piece of fortune can occur for you in the autumn Scorpio.

Sagittarius 23 November - 21 December

The strict energies of Saturn has affected your situation the last few years. Whilst this may have created some limitations, it's also taught you what's truly essential in your situation. Now you are clear about these, you can start to focus on building up extra foundations to those you have in place now. The planets give you several ways to achieve your goals this year, and one of them is going to be in expanding the more philosophical side of your nature, and getting a greater awareness of what makes you tick at a deeper level. Another strand of these possibilities comes in a more practical and material way, when you're asked to work very hard on consolidating your finances and resources, and being much more careful about how you use them. But the Eclipses give you a wonderful opportunity to be much more expansive, and travelling further afield is a very real possibility. If you're interested in esoteric subjects or healing, this can feature too. More romantically, you have always had a strong need to be mentally stimulated, as your boredom threshold is rather low, but for much of this year, feeling grounded and supported can become more attractive. It's also possible for some Archers that an old flame can come back into your world in the last quarter. Then again, this may be a period when you become much more introspective about relationships, and choose to have a greater amount of time alone. Your ruler Jupiter returns to your zodiac sign in November for the first time in twelve years, sparking a positive new era.

Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

From the very beginning 2018, you are going to be a trend setter Capricorn. Now, you are known as being one of the staunchest members of the zodiac, sticking in there when life is challenging and applying yourself to situations when others fade away. And it's true that the last few years may have thrown up some psychological challenges, but now you move back into your own power and take a firmer grip on your life direction. All this comes from a glorious planetary Stellium or line-up of influences in your zodiac sign, and also your sector of the future, which are going to give you an enormous opportunity to transform your whole existence. Any situation that you play a leading role in, can inspire you. You are unlikely to get the same spark if you're just one small cog in a bigger wheel. So reach for the stars, and be ambitious about what you want to achieve. But it may mean that some things will start afresh and some old strands will fade away. But nothing will leave your situation that is really relevant. However, late March and all through April and for the following five months, can be a time when you become much more aware of what and who is really important to you. However, this is a year when you can also surprise people, and be much more experimental in your approach, and especially from mid-May to early November. This could bring an exciting new person into your circle, or a friend you already have can show a very different side to themselves. Talking of friends and your social situation, someone can turn out to be a real comfort to you, or even something a great deal more, and especially in the last three months.

Aquarius 21 January - 19 February

The last ten days of January, and the Partial Solar Eclipse of the 15th of February in Aquarius, can really be a launching point for your individual needs this year. And individual is the operative word. For Mars and Jupiter come together in a splendid way at the turn of the year and urge you to turn up the volume when it comes to what qualities and skills you have. So create more devilment in your approach to life. Ironically, with a clustering of energy in a more psychological and reflective area as the year kicks off too, it'll be from the time of this Eclipse when you really start to get things moving, and what helps you, is that the planet of communication, Mercury, aligns with this in the most splendid of ways. All this can see you use a variety of approaches this year, sometimes bold, sometimes idiosyncratic and sometimes preferring to stay very much in the background. But what you will want to be is utterly authentic to the values and ideals that you hold dear. You will go through something of a sensitive stage in late March and all through April, and this could be testing, and also from mid-May you can become much more restless around where you live. But your relationship prospects are given a fantastic boost in the last six months, and it can be someone you meet through your work who has such a telling influence throughout September, October and December. This period can also coincide with a major breakthrough in your career and one which can see you really hit the heights, and achieve greater acclaim. 

Pisces 20 February - 20 March

This can be such an exciting year for you Pisces, a time when you can start to enjoy the benefits of all the hard work that you've invested over the last few years in your career and worldly interactions. It's true that your responsibilities may have increased, but equally, you can start to now focus your thoughts on new, long-term aspirations and hopes. Travel, group activities and friendships are all set to feature more prominently. But as much as you can shake things up and create a much more exciting existence, it is also going to be important to ensure you do have some moments of complete quiet and reflection. Good planning will help you to create the time management which allows you to enjoy more pleasurable strands, but also feed the more meditative side of your nature. But gloriously, interactions with people overseas or from completely different cultures can prove to be very fortunate for you. Long-distance travel, interaction with higher education in some way, or learning a new language or developing a new philosophical outlook, are all possible. Romantically, you can also find yourself fascinated by someone who is different in some way. You need to be stimulated, beyond your previous experiences. More of the same old, same old, will rather pale into insignificance. And particularly from mid-May to November, all sorts of fresh new possibilities, and some that can seem to come out of the blue, can make this such an invigorating time. Technology can also change your existence, beyond what may have been imaginable only recently.

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