2018 Horoscopes

As the New Year dawns, the Sun in Capricorn forges an exact Sextile with the beguiling vibe of Neptune. With Venus also in close attendance to the Sun and itself angling towards Neptune's magical grasp, this can be a New Year when we all have very high hopes for the future.

And why not? A little bit of idealism may be very nice indeed and especially with the censorious energies of Saturn returning to its home zone for the first time for twenty eight years.

But of course Capricorn is a very grown-up zodiac sign, asking us to be mindful of our responsibilities and our obligations to others. But Capricorns can also hide beneath an often shy exterior a very passionate nature, and we can all benefit from this for the whole of this year. Uranus also ends its 5 1/2 month backward journey in Aries on the first day of this New Year, and its often difficult right angle with Pluto, which has dominated the start of the last four years, is now at an end. We must all hope that this will see a more constructive political and worldly environment develop over the next twelve months.

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The Full Moon on the 2nd does though occur in the very sensitive sign of Cancer, and on the very first day of the year, the Moon in Cancer is going to be in opposition with the sobering vibe of Saturn. I think what this suggests is that we can all have those aspirations for a more constructive backdrop, but there still can be situations where those in positions of power deploy their authority in a way which is better for them, but not necessarily good for everyone - a theme we must all be aware of for the whole year. More personally, we must make sure we continue to grow and evolve as human beings and not be hidebound by more negative traditions or orthodoxies. 

Also with Mars back in its home zone a Scorpio, he forges a fabulous angle with Pluto, his co-ruler, but located still in the sign of Capricorn. With Mars also forging a close enough link to the Sun, at least there can be powerful reforms that unfold in Horoscopes 2018, and we may see some of these around the nuclear industry, health, medicines and technology, but it will be important to retain our sense of perspective and sensitivity to the rights and the needs of all the world's citizens.

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