Solar Return 2020 

2020 begins with quite a line up of influences in the sign of Capricorn, the 10th Sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Earth, with a Cardinal or leadership quality or mode. Now, the Sun is always in this location at this time of the year, and very often Mercury and sometimes Venus, because they are generally in close proximity to the disc at the centre of our universe. 

However, this year, Saturn continues in its home sign of Capricorn, apart from a relatively brief advance into the other sign it governs of Aquarius, from March 22nd to July the 1st. It will eventually move into Aquarius on the 17th December 2020, where it will stay thru to March the 7th 2023.

But at the turn of the year there are two significant conjunctions in Capricorn, the first has been ongoing for some months off and on but the orb or gap between them closes to 1° as the New Year begins and that is between the two powerbrokers of the zodiac, Saturn and Pluto.

The second is between Mercury and Jupiter, and in turn on the other side of the heavens the North Node or the Point of Destiny is in opposition particularly with Jupiter. Furthermore Uranus retracing its steps in Taurus through to the 10th January, is also forging an enabling Sextile to both Mercury and Jupiter.

Ceres the asteroid which controls how we received nurturing as a child and how tend to give it now, is also in Capricorn and just 4 degrees from Saturn.

The Moon in Pisces also forges a conjunction to Neptune, and this may turn out to be one of the most influential if less recognised influences as we start this new year. With Venus also making its way through the free-spirited Aquarius it is also in a semi-sextile with both the Moon and Neptune, and in its second Decanate, ruled by Mercury.

Finally, Black Moon Lilith, is conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer and the Vernal Point in Aries. 

So how do we synthesize this all together? First up the Moon and Neptune. This is an intensely sensitive combination and in the sign of Pisces a very psychic one. Is definitely saying to us that it's essential that we don't ignore our inner voices throughout 2020.

Yet, Saturn combining with Pluto can see a brutal use of power in 2020, and whilst there may be attempts to usurp those that hold it, be in Russia, Hong Kong, Syria, Iran, North Korea, the Philippines, Kashmir, Europe and North Africa and beyond, no-one should doubt the determination of those that hold it currently, to try to do so, in the most draconian of ways, possible.

More enterprising is the combination between Mercury and Jupiter. This duo can be especially industrious influences in this sign, and whilst Jupiter in Capricorn is far more grounded in here, Mercury can add some hard headed logic, thoroughness and thinking to the equation. Uranus gifts them some ingenuity, and a spark of brilliance. 

With Ceres close to Saturn however, I feel 2020 is going to see more and more awareness to the imbalance between societal and its material aims and how damaging this has been to social care. One upside of this aspect could be the announcement of a programme of social housing in the UK, but the Point of Destiny in nurturing Cancer opposed by Jupiter, idealism will likely be measured carefully by the corporate or national balance sheet. 

As much as Venus in Aquarius is friendly, democratic, and able to work for the global good, how much free love we are set to see is a moot point. But trying to find consensus be it around global warming and the power of the tech giants will all be factored against the sheer unremitting pragmatism that all this Capricornian energy will command,

The Black Moon Lilith conjunction with Chiron is interesting. This influence may at some levels see a drive for a greater libertarianism around relationships, sex education, gender fluidity and personal rights, but the kick back from more conservative forces should not be underestimated. 

Thus we have a year that begins with an innate focus on how as citizens we feel, but the chances are that this will soon make for a gritty realism about the world's economy, trade wars, political unrest, the reinvigorated arms race, the shift to ever more "efficiency" through technology, automation and AI and hawkish and war like posturing on the global stage.

So, it is vital we all absorb a huge slice of realism when we come to contemplate our hopes and expectations as we see in the new year. 

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