30% Off Your 12 Month Personal Horoscope Forecast & Character Analysis Combination Report

30% Off Your 12 Month Personal Horoscope Forecast & Character Analysis Combination Report

Horoscopes 2022

Aries 21 March - 20 April

As the New Year dawns Aries, the Sun in the authoritative Capricorn, forges a sparkling alliance to Uranus, the planet of change. And therein lies the clue for progress for you this year, the openness to embrace new approaches and deploy your natural drive, determination and energy into the things that give you a sense of excitement and freshness. This will be particularly so around your work situation and how you marshal your finances. And speaking of money, Venus's alliance with the planet of power, Pluto, as the year begins, also suggests your people skills and personal contacts will be important to progress too. But after near to two years of lockdowns and Covid restrictions, you will likely be in the mood to be more physically active, and may push even harder to get away for a holiday or some much needed escapism. That said, the Eclipse series this year, and the arrival of the influential North Node in your sector of everyday finances interacting with your longer term and shared resources, suggests finding ways to live your live in as equitable a way as possible, will be a theme. However, Jupiter, the planet of fortune and expansion, arrives in your sign from May 10th to October 28th. This is a once in twelve years opportunity to use every ounce of your talents and charm to further your hopes. This is augmented by your ruler, Mars, moving through your sign for six weeks from May 24th to July 5th. Your energy and raw sex appeal can be incredible during this period, so seize life with both hands. Mars also occupies the sign of Gemini from August 20th 'til the year’s end, and you will likely change your mode of transport before 2022 comes to a close. If you’ve been attracted by cycling, motorcycling, electric scooters and the like, these can really appeal. If you want to publish or launch a new app or website, the last half of the year will see you achieve this. In love, someone seriously sensual, who loves food or cooking, can captivate you.

Taurus 21 April - 21 May

The Nodes are not physical objects in the sky, but rather a place in space where the Sun and Moon cross paths on their elliptical orbits from our vantage point on Earth. And this year, on January 18th, the North Node, the point linked to our destiny, moves into your sign for the first time in eighteen years. This can be a time of profound change for you, but also of major opportunity, because your instincts will be particularly heightened by this, and especially should the North Node pass over a critical planet in your Natal Chart, such as the Sun. That said, for all Bull's, this gives you an added dimension this year. Further, your ruling planet is the sultry Venus, which is also going to be hugely influential. Expect connections with people overseas, through higher education, and from pushing outside your comfort zone. A new love relationship is a definite possibility. But whilst change can be an anathema for many Taurus subjects, this year you can find yourself much more in the mood to shake things up. In fact, this can prove irresistible to you, but with Saturn in Aquarius in conflict with the restless Uranus in your sign, staying as you are may actually cause more tension than being open to new possibilities. Mark the Taurus Solar Eclipse of April 30th in your diary, this will be an incredibly exciting blast of cosmic energy that can power your forwards for a long time to come, as this links fortunately with Mars, the planet of drive, in your sector of future hopes and friendships. This will push you to march to the sound of your own drum, and power forwards on any plan, project or adventure, which requires you to be single minded. Finances can also revive in the second half of the year, but the Scorpio Solar Eclipse of October 25th, is side by side Venus, and the last ten weeks of 2022 can see a very special alliance develop, or an existing, secure tie, deepen into an even closer bond.

Gemini 22 May - 21 June

From August the 20th, Mars makes a rare, long journey through your sign. This is the planet of desire, drive and assertiveness, although it does go through a rewind, or a retrograde, from October 30th until the year's end. This transit will give you added fire to focus on the strands that are important to you. Your personal charisma will be heightened by this, and expect to start new projects, or to be more single minded about the ongoing ones that are important to you. Jupiter's part passage through Aries from 10th May to the end of October, can also see lots of opportunities to meet new friends, and be optimistic about your long-term hopes. Financially, wherever you can root beneath the surface, you could benefit. If you are happily ensconced in a close relationship, be it business or personal, you can benefit a lot this year. In love, a growing desire for a deeper connection is going to be a theme. In fact, in all areas, understanding your life purpose, will become a pressing need, right throughout 2022. This is because the North Node, linked to your less-tangible yearnings, will be a silent but powerful force from mid-January onwards. In fact, you can gain a great deal of personal satisfaction this year from learning about what makes you tick at a deeper level. Two Eclipses in Taurus, urge you to accept the sides of yourself or life, that you may have resisted. This can be known as the shadow, that psychological dimension that air signs, like Gemini, can find more challenging to embrace. But so much added personal tranquillity and peace can be gained from engaging with this, so expect to do a lot of reading or researching throughout the year, about things like psychology, healing and spirituality, and any interest in esoteric subjects like astrology, can thrive. With two Scorpio Eclipses emphasising your physical well-being, a new job or exercise routine, and improvements to diet, are all possible.

Cancer 22 June - 23 July

Astrological lore suggests that Cancerians are home lovers. The truth is that your first love is an environment which feels secure. So dependent on your personal Natal Birth Chart, what works for you may differ from another Crab. But that need to feel comfortable in your surroundings is universal to all members of your sign. But even if something has worked for you for a long time, you can find yourself getting itchy pincers in 2022, and that's because the universe is conspiring to ask you to really engage with any new, bright and interesting situations and people, as much as possible. But this need for security, and sometimes the need to avoid conflict, means that you can be inclined to go for safer options in regards to friendships or romantic partners. In fact, the last twelve years has seen, for many of your sign, some huge shifts in who you engage with, and who has made way. But 2022 can be a year of things starting to freshen up, as a less defensive and more playful, outgoing and sociable vibe takes hold. All sorts of planetary influences inform this, but venturing out and mixing and mingling (where possible), will definitely appeal a great deal more. For those who have considered starting a family, this is a very lovely year. True, long-term finances will need working on and rash speculation should be avoided, but it’s time to put the fun back into your existence and enjoy whatever you do to the maximum, and work on being less cautious, even fearful, of other people's motives. Singletons can also benefit from an especially beautiful Solar Eclipse in October, which can bring true love into your world, or enrich an already positive involvement.

Leo 24 July - 23 August

If you know your astrology, you will know that Saturn, the planet of restriction, remains in your sector of relating all year. But...did you know that Saturn rewards us, as well as stretches us, and the more you work at understanding others’ needs, improving listening skills and personal interaction, the better your ties can get. But this will require grit, which this planet pushes us to invest in. What might prove a little trickier are professional ties, but partly this is because you’re coming into your own in this part of life, and have a wonderful opportunity to thrive, but will mean showing that side of you which likes to be in charge, and of course, not everyone you encounter will happily stand aside. Ironically, although your worldly goals and aims can go through a year of growth and new possibilities, the same can be true of your home and personal life. In-fact, some Lion's will find themselves moving in the last third of the year, celebrating a family wedding or reunion, or a wonderful new arrival to the clan. Socially, things can come to life from the time of your birthday. Whilst this is often the case, you may find yourself enjoying a group involvement more, a team sport, or some kind of community involvement. Finances can also be on the up this year, perhaps linked to property, and for some, maybe an overseas investment or nest egg can pay off handsomely. Single Leo's may get smitten too this year, but don't necessarily expect the actual meeting to be anywhere glamorous, it could be through a personal introduction or in a mundane situation, such as chatting to someone in a supermarket queue. But be assured in whatever area of life, your ambitions are reignited.

Virgo 24 August - 23 September

An exciting year is in store for you Virgo, and the expansion of your knowledge and sphere of activities is going to be at the heart of this. Now, you have a reputation of being very organised, and this can mean that you have quite defined ways of going about things. But this year, you could find yourself experiencing different things, be it personal interests and hobbies, holiday destinations, or even come down to the type of food you cook and eat. But central to all this, is an urgency, a pressing urgency, for more excitement and engagement with others. Now, for some lucky folk this might be travelling much more, even overseas (Covid restrictions allowing), and some may even think of relocating to a new faraway place, which offers all the qualities you’ve craved for. But your mind is going to be as important as your emotions this year, and this could see you enrol in an online course, apply to a higher education college, or do extra professional training. Never learned to drive? You will do, this year. Would like to become more adventurous? The last five months of the year, can see you also wanting to show a more ambitious side of your nature. Because your desire for stimulation and change is set to be so strong, this can feed into the types of work you do. A business partnership which allows you to express your creative talents could feature, or if you’re solo, Jupiter's transits across your sectors of relating, and Venus's influential combination with Pluto at the year's turn, could see a very warm and mutually beneficial union develop. However, any tie which cramps your style too much, may begin to lose its lustre.

Libra 24 September - 23 October

All the lessons that the planets have conspired to ask you to learn in recent years, are coming back to you positively this year, Libra. Greater respect in close personal relationships, a thawing in family ties that have struggled or the chance to move on freely, personal boundaries developed that will be better respected, and for some, a new or improved home or environment are possible. True, three lots of Mercury retrogrades in Air signs, including your own, means that communications will continue to need care and precision, but there is a lot to like. Also financially, you can start to bear the fruits of years of hard work and dedication. If you work from home or are involved in crafting, this can be an area of improvement too. The material world is represented strongly in your chart, but alongside this, there is the chance to firm up your core values and self-worth. Jupiter also brightens both your work and relating sectors in '22, which is cool, but it’s Mars in the last five months which sees you breaking out and being more adventurous, perhaps even more physically active. The Scorpio Solar Eclipse of 25th October can be very helpful for your finances, but your sweet tooth may be activated from then, and a personal dietary plan may be tested in the run up to the year's end, but chances are you will feel you have deserved a reward, and this is certainly true. Continue to be innovative and forwards looking, work on your talents with Saturn’s structural support and keep growing and flowering.

Scorpio 24 October - 22 November

Buckle up Scorpio, you’re in for a thrilling journey! 2022 sparkles with promise, and can see you revitalise many areas of your existence. With Saturn passing through your 4th House, the sector of home and family, there could be increased responsibilities in this part of life, but also the opportunity to work on bringing greater security into your existence. If you have been a freer spirit until now, this may be by putting down deeper emotional roots, for others, this can come from improving where you live. However, Uranus has also been bringing a somewhat restless dimension to your relationships in recent times, and that is set to continue. But whilst the planet which rules the sky in mythology may have led to some tensions, now it is augmented by the wonderful vibe of the North Node, and two Eclipses in your sector of relationships, and part of the year buoyed by Jupiter, the fortune maker, in your sector of romance. And don't underestimate just how much impact your words and ideas can have on others this year. The term "influencer" has now entered everyday language, but it’s exactly what you can be, someone with a real ability to convey your ideas with passion, warmth and energy. If you’re single, prepare to be in much greater demand, and yes, more than one person can show an interest in you. Your traditional ruler Mars also passes through a very deep and sultry part of your Solar Chart, which could arouse the deepest of desires, perfect if you want to get up close and personal with someone special, but also gives you the drive to improve your earnings. A magical Eclipse in your sign in October, could also see your popularity soar.

Sagittarius 23 November - 21 December

Jupiter is your wonderful personal planet, and this year he is powering through two highly influential zones. As 2022 unfolds, he gives you optimism and hope around all family, home and personal strands. But from May, it’s the joys of life which can be enriched by his generous gifts. As ever with Jupiter, it is important to work hard at where opportunities lay, and not wait for them to drop into our laps. But furthermore, as Venus and Pluto combine at the year’s turn, this can do wonders for your financial prospects. The Sun's angle to Uranus though, suggests that to capitalise on this, it will be important not to be too fixed in your aims and objectives. You can be very flexible, and this part of your nature could serve you well as Uranus continues to push you to be inventive around work and life structure. But the role of Saturn and its square to Uranus, means that at times if you juggle too much, it can impact upon you in stress. So, within the flexibility you’ll need to have, don't try to multi-task too much, and look to focus on the things that are really essential. This way, you can use the energies you have got in the most focused of ways. That said, your openness to new approaches about exercise, fitness and diet can be a big feature of this year, and you may even take up a sporty pursuit from August onwards. In love, you can find yourself particularly sentimental in the last quarter of the year, and those with a more spiritual dimension can become more of your closest ties. Some kind of special reunion could occur from late October onwards.

Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

You have a wonderful reputation for being determined, reliable and thorough, but you can augment this in 2022 with an extra dash of verve and flair. Why? Well, Uranus the planet of experimentation, is still in your zone of self-expression, but its link to the Sun in your sign at the start of the year, can really get your creative, but also your social and celestial, juices bubbling. With the magical energies of the North Node in Taurus from mid-January, your hunches of which style, fashion or music trends to follow can be right on the proverbial money. Speaking of which, your ruler Saturn, does remain in your sector of everyday resources, and does tangle once more with Uranus, so although you can be enterprising this year, continue to apply your usual due-diligence to any speculative strands, and try not to be too free and easy with non-essential purchases. With the Moon and Mars in a sensitive location as the year begins, this year can see certain associations make way, but the Eclipses can propel new and exciting folks into your orbit, and ones that can prove very important. In fact, from the Scorpio Solar Eclipse of October, a new friendship could prove very lucky and may even go all the way to a romantic involvement. Mars also gives your physical vitality a major boost in the last five months, and this can coincide with a period of extra success at work or with a hobby. With Jupiter sweeping through two important parts of your situation, learning a new skill or taking a course, or sharing ideas of yours, can go well. You may find yourself enjoying playing host this year, and generally interacting with others in a much more frequent way.

Aquarius 21 January - 19 February

The last few years have felt like a psychological crash-course for many Water Bearers, and with your joint ruler, Saturn, the planet of structure but also of limitation, in your own sign, every gain has probably felt like a mighty achievement. Further, last year Saturn and your other personal planet, Uranus, spent much of its time clashing. Fortunately, this only happens at the start of year 2022, but all the lessons you learned last year, can now put you on the home straight, which will become truly clear in 2023, when Pluto arrives in your sign and the Age of Aquarius fully dawns. But you get marvellous support in 2022 from Jupiter with income, technology and everyday interactions, and from Mars the last five months, helping you to showcase your talents, enjoy socialising to the full or celebrating your children's activities. Finding a balance between home, personal and family needs, and work responsibilities and ambitions, may take some juggling this year, but you can do it, because you are so much more attuned to your deeper needs now, and also have a much greater understanding of the motivations of others. Being an air sign, communication has often been your arena of success, but now, allied to this, your knowledge of the emotional dimension can see you gain greater security and happiness. Make a note in your diary of the 25th October 2022 though, for then a really major breakthrough at work is possible.

Pisces 20 February - 20 March

A wonderful transition is possible this year Pisces, as your two personal planets start 2022 in your sign, and are set to give you a fantastic opportunity to supercharge your creativity and passion for progress. This is going to be a really exciting twelve months, and with an enormous amount of extra energy buzzing around your situation, you will brim full of ideas and enthusiasm. Any new possibilities that really excite you, go with, because from May, this can turn into solid success, and tangible rewards reaped. The Solar Return gives you a lot of encouragement to believe that you can shoot for the stars. Often you can play a supporting role to others so splendidly, with your compassionate nature making you an ideal colleague, co-worker or friend. This year however, look to focus on your big hopes, your leadership skills and to supercharge progress to your main goals and objectives. A great deal of electricity is arcing around your situation, so the pace of life may seem breathless at times, and the Steady Eddie of the heavens, Saturn, just reminds you, that at times it will be important to step back, retreat into your own cocoon to recharge your batteries, and get plenty of rest. You may also learn a lot more about past events, by reading and contemplating, but once you have come to terms with these, this will free up the vitality to power forwards. A house move is possible in the second half of the year, and a wonderful holiday in the last quarter, could also prove to be incredibly uplifting, and potentially headily romantic.

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