A Healing Aries New Moon…

the Aries New Moon occurs on Tuesday 24th March at 9.28am GMT. Aries New Moon energy is about a new cycle beginning for the whole year, it’s time to initiate and seize the moment. What makes this event so very unique, is not just the backdrop of the Covid-19 crisis, but that this New Moon is conjunct the wounded healer Chiron in the 11th House of humanity and future hopes.

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It’s said that Chiron is the wound we can never heal, and in the sign of Aries it relates to our identity and our bodies. Because Chiron and the Sun square with the Point of Destiny in Cancer and the societadimension this brings, over the next month people may divide into two broad groups of the libertarians, and the conformers. Actually this is a unique opportunity to challenge Chiron’s myth, but that will not happen without change.

With Saturn now located in the sign of community Aquarius, and squaring Uranus the planet of rebellion in the change resistant Taurus, the resistance that many of us experience is all part of the discomfort of the recovery.And indeed, this New Moon also sees a gorgeous link between Uranus and the North Node, pointing to exciting innovations, and a fine connection between Venus and Jupiter, that suggests that support for one another will bring its own karmic reward.

The Aries New Moon in each Zodiac sign…

This New Moon for Aries –  Do you know the Rolling Stones song “Start Me Up” this is perfect to fire up your determination, and even if some plans may not be actionable right away, you can firmly set your intentions.

This New Moon for Taurus – Venus and Uranus in your sign, are much to the fore on this New Moon, so new and sometimes unexpected changes may follow, but is there something from your past, that still needs resolving?

This New Moon for Gemini – It may be more difficult to meet up with old friends in person just now, but you could find yourself reminiscing about a face from the past, and even getting in touch.

This New Moon for Cancer – The Moon is in its highest point of its annual journey of New Moon’s, and your feelings can be closer to the surface. A great time to provide a lead to others.

This New Moon for Leo  –  Your mind can be alive to lots of new possibilities. Learning a new subject or online course, could be the perfect thing to do, particularly if you are more home based just now.

This New Moon for Virgo –  Where you are most invested, be it personally or romantically come under the astral microscope. Change is writ large for us all just now, but you can embrace this more than most.

This New Moon for Libra – You can be very attentive to others, how attentive are they to you? You can find yourself being more assertive, and reinforcing your boundaries.

This Full Moon for Scorpio – Work, life organisation and routines, may all be in a state of flux, but you can make the most of this by upping your exercise routines.

This New Moon for Sagittarius – Your creativity is given a huge boost. A new hobby can emerge, or you can spend more time on an existing one.

This New Moon for Capricorn – Making your home as cosy and comfortable as possible, can appeal to you now. But you can also be very creative in some of the things you do.

This New Moon for Aquarius – Your communication instincts are sharpened up. This can see avidly following the news, or keeping abreast with friends through technology, or updating your blog or developing a book.

This New Moon for Pisces – What you really value is set to shift just now. Even what seemed so important only a short while ago, can lose its sparkle, but a new foundation can take its place.


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