A Super Spiritual Quarter Moon

The Quarter Moon in Sagittarius brings the first week of September to a close, but will cast its influence between now and next week’s Full Moon. But what do Quarter Moons mean, and this one in particular? Well, Sagittarius Moon energy is free, floating and inquisitive. And with this one conjunct the planet of opportunity, and ruler of the Archer, Jupiter, the intense self discipline that the clustering of energy in Virgo have been demanding of late, are well and truly challenged.

Yet there is more, this Quarter Moon joins in with the T Square between the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, all of which are in mutable signs. This can create a sense of otherworldliness, and if you are on a mission to raise your consciousness, this will lead to some vivid dreams, heightened hopes and expectations, the pursuit of spiritual nevada, and potentially crushing disappointment. For if ever there was a time to ignore the spin of sales people, politicians or gurus, the next week is surely it.

In a more prosaic way this Quarter Moon asks us to balance responsibility with a desire for freedom. To ensure that we clear up our tasks and duties before play, and most of all, avoid chasing utopian dreams which have little chance of success. Yet if we stay grounded, this can also be a time of cheerful sacrifice, and looking out for those less fortunate.

So what are Quarter Moons in a practical context?

Every Month the Moon has 8 Phases these are;

  1. New Moon
  2. Waxing Crescent
  3. First Quarter
  4. Waxing Gibbous
  5. Full Moon
  6. Waning Gibbous
  7. Third Quarter
  8. Waning Crescent

From this list we can see that each Month experiences two Quarter Moons.

The Moon reaches the first quarter a week after the New Moon. The name “first quarter” comes from the fact that at this stage the lunar cycle is 1/4 of the way completed. The “third quarter” phase is the exact opposite of the first Quarter Moon. This is when the moon is half lit up in the sky, and it also signals when the lunar phase is 3/4 of the way completed.The First Quarter Moon as we have explored happens in the Sign of Sagittarius this Month.

The First Quarter Moon in Spirituality.

As the First Quarter Moon occurs one week after the New Moon. During this time, we could start to feel some resistance. If we have placed any intentions during the New Moon phase, it is here that we may start to experience a few glitches, mostly involving; decisions, challenges and action.

The week of intention setting and rest that the New Moon rules is over, and we must now work harder. We may even need to prepare ourselves to make decisions on the spot, without much deliberation. Perhaps the best way to handle this Moon phase is to be flexible, and to keep our intentions for the future at the forefront of our minds the entire time.

Keeping a journal or creating a to-do list may be beneficial during this phase, which we then go on to act out. We can feel like we are heading towards accomplishing our desires if we cross of our tasks in a physical gesture.

The Quarter Moon reflected in our physical world.

We can also compare the Quarter Moon Phase to aspects of our lives, these include;

  • Plants pushing their roots into soil
  • When Spring becomes Summer (in Northern Hemisphere)
  • Noon in the cycle of the day
  • 3 Months after our Birthday


Questions to ask ourselves during this First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius.

“What direction are we pointing ourselves towards?”

“How can we restructure our lives to take better care of our health?”

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