A Turbulent Harvest Full Moon…

The Full Moon occurs at 5.32am BST. The chart above for this is based on Greenwich in London. This shows an exact enabling Trine from the Sun in the down to earth Virgo and a helpful Sextile from the Moon in dreamy Pisces to the power broker Pluto in Capricorn. This suggests that this can be a particularly transformational Full Moon, but especially where we can balance practical application to the sometimes less tangible undertones of feelings, and our senses.

What makes this Full Moon potentially so turbulent is that with Mars only 5 degrees from the Sun, and direct opposition to the Moon, it is caught up in a testing Mutable T Square with Neptune and Jupiter we could be tempted to act too impulsively. Thus it would be very easy to get things out of proportion between now and the Autumn Equinox on the 23rd of September 2019.

Yes inner and outer changes are possible, but we must keep a firm grip on our imaginations, and base all key decisions on facts and figures. This may not seem very sexy, and it not to say that we should ignore our inner voices, just that we should try to be as objective as possible, and avoid any scheme, proposal or life plan, which is too knee jerk, speculative or unplanned.

The Emotional Meaning Of The Harvest Moon
When the Sun opposes the Moon, it could be seen as a symbol of the masculine and feminine energies uniting together. Full Moon in a spiritual sense can be associated with bringing things to light and to the surface, a little like the Moon card of the Tarot deck. However, with this Harvest Full Moon being in the more psychic and dreamier Sign of Pisces we could be feeling more emotionally ethereal-like than usual.

Questions to ask ourselves during this Full Moon…
“Do we feel as though we have faith?” and “Where are we not stepping fully into the world?”

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