In Mythology Vesta is the Roman Goddess of The Sacred Flame. In Ancient Rome the Vestal Virgins were the keepers of a symbolic flame and were to keep it burning at all times. This flame was a symbol of sexuality and fertility as well as a life force energy. Astrologically, Vesta the Asteroid helps us […]

Pallas Athene

In Ancient Greek Mythology Athena, Daughter of Zesus, was the Goddess of wisdom, strategy and battle. Although she was the ‘Warrior Queen’ she was known to prefer to settle disputes through logic and detachment rather than resorting to war. Pallas Athene can represent our relationships with our Fathers, Athena herself did not know her own […]

Spring Equinox – CARDINAL QUADRANT 1 – Three Month Forecast + Zodiac Forecasts DEEP DIVE…

Spring Equinox – CARDINAL QUADRANT 1 Three Month Forecast + Zodiac Forecasts DEEP DIVE VIDEO… The Vernal or Spring Equinox is the start of the Western Tropical Astrological Year which is based on the four seasons. The Sun returns to the first zodiac or Animal sign of Aries, the Ram. This is a Fire sign, […]

Virgo Full Moon – Shuddering T Square with Mars – Deep Dive Special + Zodiac Forecasts all signs

Mercury in Pisces 2nd-19th March, DEEP DIVE, Event Chart, Key Aspects + Zodiac Forecasts all signs

DEEP DIVE VIDEO The Winged Messenger Mercury glided into Pisces on the 2nd March 2023 for a 17 day Celestial Pit Stop. Yet as it does Old Father Time, Saturn, is closely in attendance. What does this mean? Why is Pisces NOT the best of signs to host Mercury? What Aspects or angles to other planets does […]

Venus Conjunct Jupiter LUCK CENTRAL? Once A Year Event between the Two Planets of Fortune.

Venus and Jupiter  are Conjunct EXACT 2nd March with the influence in effect from 27th February to 4th March. The two planets of Fortune, the Greater and Lesser Benefics get together once a year generally, and give us a chance to enjoy a welcome upturn or opportunity. But this year, Venus is in Aries, a […]

Venus Sizzles into Aries from February 20th, where it’s in Detriment. What does this mean for you?

Venus is in Aries from 20th February to 16th March. Venus is in Detriment in this sign, what does mean? What are the archetypes of Venus? Listen as I explore the mythology. How Venus in Aries has positive potential. Get the dates for when Venus forges two amazing links at the end of March/early April […]