Libra Autumnal Equinox – Three Month LOVE & RELATIONSHIP Forecasts + All Signs

• Saturday 23rd of September 2023 6.50am UCT. • Cardinal Quadrant Three. • The Sun arrives in the sign of relating, Libra, joining with the passionate Mars. • Discover the amazing significance of this event from an Astrological Perspective. • Learn why stern Saturn has such a major role to play over the coming thirteen […]

Virgo New Moon Deep Dive Video – Harvest Fresh Approaches + Forecast All Signs

Virgo New Moon 14/15th September… • Harvest Fresh Approaches with my Deep Dive Video + Forecasts All Signs… • This year’s Virgo New Moon is enlivened by the provocative energies of Uranus. • Discover how we can all use this to reform, revise or refresh our daily routines. • Learn how the Harvest Moon offers […]

Mercury Cazimi in Virgo – This CAN be LUCKY…6th September 2023

Mercury is Cazimi with the Sun in Virgo on 6th September 2023  • Join me for my special Inside Track Video.  • This is the THIRD of the FOUR Mercury Cazimi’s of 2024 all in Earth Element Signs. • And despite Mercury being in Retrograde and this event, being a Inferior Conjunction, with Mercury in […]

Mars in Libra – Setting Relationship Boundaries! + Zodiac Forecast ALL SIGNS

Mars in Libra 2023 – 27 Aug 2023 to October 12th 2023. • In entering Libra, feisty Mars moves into one of the most tender parts of its annual journey. • Libra is an Air sign and respects fairness, diplomacy and good relationships. • Here Mars can be disruptive but also help us to set our boundaries but […]

Uranus Retrograde 151 Days Deep Dive Video + Zodiac Forecast for All Signs…

Uranus goes Retrograde in Taurus from 29th August 2023 to 27th January 2024, an annual 5 five month event, and this year this totals 151 days.   • Join me to find a Higher Purpose + Zodiac Forecast ALL SIGNS – Deep Dive Video Special…  • Uranus Rewinds 4 Degrees in total, but how will this impact on your […]

COVID Astrology Update DEEP DIVE VIDEO Eris Conjunct North Node…

Join me as I explore the unfolding of Covid from October 2019 through to now, from an Astrological Perspective. Learn why Eris, the Asteroid of Chaos was so influential, along with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto at the outset. Also why the combination between the Moon and Neptune was so powerful for the Solar Return in […]

The Pisces Blue SuperMoon 30th/31st August – Reality Bites with Saturn + Mars Tangling Tensely…

Mercury Retrograde DEEP DIVE VIDEO + Forecasts All Signs..

Mercury has been in its Pre Retrograde Shadow Phase since August 4th in the second of its two home signs after Gemini, of Virgo. This sees the planet slowing down and you may have already experienced some frustrations. However for 23 Days from the 23rd August to 15th September it is in Retrograde or RX. […]