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Welcome Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, the son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex born at 5.26am on the 6th May 2019 at the Portland Hospital, London. The most stand out detail in the baby Archie’s Personal Horoscope is the dynamic Conjunction between the Sun and Ascendant both in Taurus. This combination adds dazzling brilliance to an individual and ramps up the impact of the subject on those he or she encounters – it is in essence Star Quality or potentially, a future King.

The Moon is also in his 1st House, but this time in Gemini, which is going to give Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor a restless and inquisitive emotional nature. The Moon is exactly 0 degrees Gemini, so right on the cusp, but with a Gemini Mars in the 2nd House and his Natal Uranus also in Taurus, this is going to be young man very focused on matters of the earth, quite literally. And though whilst many would say a Royal quite naturally has a big impact on their own and the world’s landscape, this one has both Saturn and Pluto the planets of power Conjunct in the Earthy Capricorn but in the 10th House, which is the sector of authority, and power.

Complexities? Yes. Despite the above “out there” planetary influences, Archie has four planets in the reserved, thoughtful and introspective 12th House, along with his Part of Fortune. Three of these are in Aries, and one Neptune is in Pisces which ramps up the 12th House vibe. So I think this person is going to take on the mantle of his parents’ passion for mental health charities and causes, and rather like his Paternal Grandfather Charles, he will love nature and art, and like his Paternal Grandmother Diana healing therapies.

Like his father however, with Mars and Jupiter in opposition, this little chap will have an action orientated side, and probably a love of horses (Sagittarius Jupiter), travel, and adventurism. So he will have not just a real appreciation of ecology, conservation and environmental issues, he will want to get his hands dirty getting stuck in doing his bit in a down to earth practical way to help.

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