Mars Storms Gemini 6 Week Forecast Video + All Signs…

Mars powers through Gemini from 20th July to September 4th. • The exchange of ideas can become a big theme and the powerful link to Pluto and the Sun, perfectly primes up this period which can be action-packed. • If you want to get fitter, the perfect time to up your cardio. • New schemes […]

BREAKING NEWS Astrology of Trump Assassination Attempt Inside Track Video…

What does the astrology tell us about what has happened to Donald Trump? • Join me as I explore his Natal Chart, Secondary Progressed Chart & Transiting Chart for Butler at 6.11pm EDT. • The Mars and Conjunct Fixed Star Algol, which has a fearsome reputation, on his 10th House Cusp or where he connects […]

Weekly Astrology Forecast from 15th – 21st July + All Signs!

A highly charged start to the week is likely, with Mars and Uranus combining in a possibly combustible way. • But actually, if we are prepared to flex, a fresh approach to an old issue can be illuminating. • Luck is possible though as Venus and Jupiter create cosmic magic later in the week. • […]

Cancer New Moon T Square Nodal Axis + All Signs

A wonderful time to set our intentions around home, family, and emotions. However, with the Nodal Axis applying by 3 degrees this does add some complexity. • The North Node in Aries over the last year has been urging us to develop our sense of identity and individuality. • The Cancer themes are much to […]

Monthly Astrology Video Horoscopes July 2024 + All Signs

The first half of July has an emphasis on our emotional and homely situations, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy these in a playful way. As the month evolves, Leo season really shapes up with the support of feisty Mars, located in the quick moving Gemini, which brings a real spark to proceedings. Yet […]

Weekly Astrology Video Horoscopes WC 1st July 2024 + All Signs

Jupiter pivots between the Sun and Moon beautifully as this week begins. But then this is a week of several planetary collaborations, with the celestial tenants in Cancer, Taurus and Pisces all active. If we want to make tangible progress, the key is going to be in listening to our instincts, but they can guide […]

Weekly Video Horoscope from 24th to 30th June 2024….

The potency of the first of this years two Capricorn Full Moon’s is a powerful presence as the week begins. • Yet this is a week when the Sun in Cancer is blessed by the glory of Jupiter, and this combination prompts us to find the words which truly reflect how we feel. • But […]

Capricorn Strawberry Full Moon – Deep Dive Video + All Signs…

21/22nd June (dependent on location) we have the first of TWO Capricorn Full Moon’s this year. • Here in Part One, I share what Capricorn Full Moon’s are about. • Then I dive deep to explore the characteristics of this particular one by sharing the Event Charts from both a Solar and Natal Placidus perspective based […]

Cancer Solstice – Deep Dive Video + All Signs…

June 20th ushers in Cardinal Quadrant Two, the second of the Four 13 Week Periods that divide the Western Tropical Astrological Year, which is based on the seasons, and begins with the Spring Vernal Equinox. • This next Quarter is really exciting due to Venus and Mercury being in residence as the Sun powers in […]

Weekly Astrology Video Horoscopes WC 17th June 2024 + All Signs

The week begins with a glittering conjunction between Mercury and Venus in Gemini. • But with Neptune applying in a 90 Degree Square this can create complexities as well as opportunities around how we relate or share information. Distortion is possible. • Yet this fabulous duo soon travel forward, entering the Water sign of Cancer […]