Giordano Bruno: What Led The Renowned Friar and Astrologer to a Burning Stake?

A monumental statue of Giordano Bruno stands in the heart of Rome as a reminder of the remorse of the people who accused him and sentenced him to death. Although the statue shows a man dressed as a monk, there is also something mysterious about him, even magical. Despite being a Christian, Giordano in his lifetime […]

The 1st known cheque of £400 was displayed in Westminster Abby

There have been very early pieces of evidence of the use of cheques, for example in India during the Mauryan period (from 321 to 185 BC), a commercial instrument called adesha was used, which was an order on a banker desiring him to pay the money of the note to a third person. However, the first known […]

World Radio Day

On this day 13th February 2019… ‘In December 2012, The General Assembly of the UN endorsed the proclamation of World Radio Day, thereby becoming a day to be celebrated by all UN agencies, funds and programmes and their partners.’ This initiative aims to create closer working relationships between international broadcasters, and in doing so offering […]