Year 2023 has been quite the year, but what does Year 2024 hold in store for us all collectively?

The year begins with Mercury in Retrograde in Sagittarius, and 2024 sees four lots of Fire Sign Mercury Retrogrades, the second in Sagittarius in late November and the first half of December. We must expect disruption to travel and distribution networks. Widespread Industrial action is likely to feature and public demonstrations. Pluto returns to Aquarius […]

Horoscope Weekly Astrology 6th November 2023

The sultry but svelte energies of Venus returns home to the sign of balance, Libra. This ushers in a 29 day period of the potential to find greater harmony in our closest ties, and a pause for peace in a wider context, hopefully. Yet she is immediately impacted by the cold and harsher energies of […]

Horoscope Weekly Astrology 23rd October 2023

Scorpio Season very much kicks in with the Sun’s arrival on Monday, linking with Mercury and the ruler Mars. But the passionate desires of this sign are tested by the Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, on Saturday. With Jupiter also in the mix, whatever we want, the chances are we are going to want it […]

Weekly Horoscopes 9th October 2023

A truly blockbuster week is in store, but with Venus edging into Virgo after her long passage through Leo and going face to face with the dour Saturn, any outstanding relationship issues must be grappled with. Still, with the Solar Eclipse in Libra, there is a huge opportunity to reset our relationship to all key […]

Mercury in Leo – Mercury Sparkles Proudly in Leo! + All Signs…

Mercury zips through proud Leo from the 11th July to 28th July for 17 days. This is a wonderful chance for us to be more confident around expressing our ideas. We can share our artistic and creative talents, and also be more up for mixing and mingling. Yet what does the Natal Event Chart tell […]


Juno Juno in Roman Mythology is the Goddess of marriage, also known as Hera in Ancient Greece. Juno was married to the highest of the Gods Jupiter in Rome and Zeus in Greece. Zeus had many affairs which led to manipulation, revenge and jealousy, but still Juno/Hera stayed in the relationship. Astrologically Juno relates to […]


In Mythology Vesta is the Roman Goddess of The Sacred Flame. In Ancient Rome the Vestal Virgins were the keepers of a symbolic flame and were to keep it burning at all times. This flame was a symbol of sexuality and fertility as well as a life force energy. Astrologically, Vesta the Asteroid helps us […]

Pallas Athene

In Ancient Greek Mythology Athena, Daughter of Zesus, was the Goddess of wisdom, strategy and battle. Although she was the ‘Warrior Queen’ she was known to prefer to settle disputes through logic and detachment rather than resorting to war. Pallas Athene can represent our relationships with our Fathers, Athena herself did not know her own […]

Sagittarius New Moon Astrology – 23rd/24th November + Zodiac Forecasts for ALL 12 SIGNS!