Daughter of Saturn and Rhea, Ceres was the Goddess of agriculture and harvest in Roman Mythology. We may also know her as Demeter from Ancient Greece. She was the Mother of Persephone the Goddess who was abducted by Pluto/Hades. Ceres was distraught when her daughter was stolen, and eventually Persephone fell in love with her capture. After eating 6 pomegranate seeds Persephone was allowed to return home to Earth from the Underworld for six months each year. When she returned home Ceres celebrated, creating Spring and Summer. In the months that Persephone was away Ceres mourned and thus winter/Autumn was created.

Ceres was caring of her daughter and this asteroid represents our relationships with our Mothers. For example, depending on where Ceres is in our chart it can indicate the manner in which we will nurture others in adulthood. Someone with strong nurturing tendencies may want to enter the nursing profession or a caregiver role in some other capacity.

The lack of nurturing or encouragement in these areas from one’s mother could drive us to seek such elsewhere and if it feels missing or difficult, it can cause emotional trauma and even a potential identity crises. If we do feel as though there is something missing in our lives, we may not always find it easy to identify, if this has something to do with our Ceres placement. We do also need to be aware of our communication with Ceres, as we could, depending on our placement, end up  trying to nurture others in the way we need to be nurtured, instead of seeing what another person actually needs.

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