Chiron – how do you heal your inner wounds?

The location of Chiron in a Natal Birth Chart is one of the most sensitive and influential positions, especially for any person with a deep interest in healing, or helping to heal others.

This comet is said to represent the “wounded healer” but crucially the part of ourselves that may be most tender. A knowledge of Chiron can provide fantastic insights, not just in terms of the zodiac sign it occupies in our natal birth charts but also the House, or the specific area of manifestation in our situations.

In mythology Chiron was named after the centaur who although a healer and guide, was not able to heal himself. As according to this legend, after injured by a poisoned arrow, he took it in his hand to study, but dropped the arrow into his hoof. Therefore, causing a fatal wound. Unable to live or die, he gave up his immortality and was placed in the sky as the constellation, Sagittarius. Thus, explaining why some Astrologers regard Chiron’s ruler-ship to be the Sign of Sagittarius. Whereas others believe the Sign of Virgo is more appropriate due to its association with service, health and knowledge. Subsequently, this is why Chiron is commonly referred to as the ‘wounded healer’, representing in Natal charts a deep physical or spiritual wound, in sum our weakness.

Chiron can show where we have something that will need active and tender care and work throughout our lives. Yet ironically this may be the very area where we can most effectively help others. People who have the restrictive energies of Saturn or potent power of Pluto aspecting or angling towards their Chiron may feel this pain particularly sharply.

Part of the process of this, is of course to understand the wounds those who have inflicted their hurt on us have within themselves, and letting go as best is possible. Chiron is currently in Aries. Here, identity is said to be affected, it’s almost like having a wound on the Ascendant. Perhaps that wound is the self inflicted damage to the Earth itself.

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