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Hello & Welcome to your FREE December 2019 Astrology Magazine and Overview. Whilst many in the western world and Northern Hemisphere will start to embrace the wintry traditionalism of this time of year, let’s continue to be mindful of our people in the Southern Hemisphere who are being particularly affected by too much heat. Strangely this might be a time when especially in Australia, some rain would be incredibly welcome, however unseasonal.

And with Jupiter influencing international affairs amongst many other qualities, let’s hope its transit through Capricorn for the year from the 2nd December at 6.21am GMT can bring some more sober judgement to bear when it comes to planet earth, the element that governs Capricorn, and the thing we seem keenest to do damage to just now.That said with Venus and Ceres in a lovely conjunction as December kicks off, the chance to connect positively through people we encounter in our work or public interactions is enhanced, or a relationship can take on a more solid, nurturing vibe. It’s possible a good boss will want to indulge a hard-working team. Or we can find that our desire to raise our profile can be boosted by someone’s thoughtful encouragement or gesture. In a happy love relationship, an item could be purchased for the home which seriously adds to comfort.

4th of December does introduce some challenges however. Not only does the Sun start to Square Neptune for a week, there is also a Quarter Moon with Pisces, from the Sun so information received or exchanged in the following week needs to be done so with an eye to detail. As ever with Neptune much can seem mystical but equally utterly confusing. There could be a tendency during this period for things to get blown out of proportion, so keeping our feet on the ground will be invaluable. More and more outlandish claims are likely to be made, so in short, we need to be careful what we believe.

The 6th to the 10th sees a gorgeous link between Venus in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces however, so if you are lucky enough to enjoy a first date, it could turn out to be memorable for all the right reasons.

That said, Capricorn’s big two beasts Saturn and Pluto are inching ever closer together starting the month just 3 degrees distant and ending it 1 degree apart, all preparing the way for their exact conjunction on the 12th of January, and coming together for the week from the 6th of January.

Jupiter also represents justice, and whilst technically in Fall in Capricorn, can, along with these two big higher octave planets, presage more injustices and abuses of power into the open.

We are seeing this in Malta for example, with the long covered up assignation of Daphne Caruana Galizia finally revealing that there were links right to the highest level of government and business on the island.

Greater scrutiny can also be focused on the involvement of Russian interference in the British and US election systems, and the Jefrey Epstein affair are all set to render a lot more revelations, as eventually key people are held to account.The 7th sees Mercury emerge from shadow in Scorpio. This transit began on the 3rd of October, and by the 9th Mercury glides into Sagittarius a change which can bring some welcome levitation to bear.

True, Mercury IS in detriment in Sagittarius but after all the intense undercurrents or a very Scorpionic time we can welcome a more outgoing and playful vibe – and just in time for the approaching festivities. And from the 7th to the 18th Mars in Scorpio forges a beautiful link to Neptune, and this can help us all to embrace the more compassionate side of Christmastime, and find ways too look for those who are less fortunate.

The Full Moon on the 12th in Gemini occurs at 5.12am GMT, so communicational issues need care. With both Gemini and Sagittarius Mutable, saying how we really feel (Moon) is important to balance the more progressive energies of the Sun (let’s move on to the next exciting thing!) which can mean that emotional sincerity can get a little lost in the process. Oh, and this is the date of the UK Governmental Election! Quite a coincidence.

Mind, mid-month does see a wonderful Sextile shape up between Mars and Pluto, one which runs on until the 27th (with a 3 degree Orb) and gives a fantastic platform for determined focus and pushing towards key goals and ambitions. The 20th sees Venus glide into the friendly and democratic Aquarius but she does go into a Square with Uranus to the 24th. This could see some unexpected romantic drama, but if you do end up in a clinch under the mistletoe, it may be best to not expect too much permanency though it is not impossible, by any means. The 22nd sees the Sun return to Capricorn for the first time in 11 months and the Winter Solstice which will occur at 4.19am GMT.

With the Sun advancing towards Jupiter, there is a Solar Eclipse combining with the planet of plenty by 1 degrees on the 26th, so the last few days of 2019 can bring some kind of uplifting news, or sense of something better. It’s just worth being mindful that both the Sun and Jupiter oppose the North Node however, so finding that magical balance between nurture and prosper that has been on going since the Eclipse of 2nd July, will be still the key deciding factor as the curtain comes down on 2019.

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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, Patrick

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