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You may know that I got quite poorly 3.5 years ago and this culminated in my getting Rheumatoid Arthritis last year. This vague exhaustion illness started when my Directed Pluto moved into Scorpio and was EXACTLY T-Squaring my Natal Sun in Aquarius and Midheaven in Leo. Now, if that influence is going on with a Transit, it also will be tough. Pluto is about Transformation, but also life and death. The Sun is our central energy source. The Midheaven our role in life, work, public perception. The Square is a difficult and disabling planetary angle. But Pluto can also be about rebirth, or at least letting go of the things that no longer serve our greater purpose. Because Directions have such a powerful impact, I got very, very ill. My body could no longer sustain the workload that it had for so many years and unresolved emotional issues. So, something had to change. As often is the case with Pluto, it is not a pain free process and I had to change some elements of my life, rest more, and heal and my videos were not as long, or as good. I was simply too shattered.

“Thus we can see the “passage” of our life, and how it has evolved since we were born and the energies it is manifesting now. So the positions planets’ started at the outset of our journey on planet earth can now be very different. For example my Natal Sun was Aquarius but now is in Aries. This can potentially alter for every planet (depending on our age or natal horoscope). And these positions then interact with our natal planetary positions and current moving planets creating a continuingly changing story. Utterly fascinating”

Then last year, when I got the Rheumatoid Arthritis. At the time Transiting Mars, was sat conjunct on my Natal Sun, but also in a Square with that Directed Pluto, and in opposition with the Midheaven! Furthermore, also in mid May, Uranus moved into Taurus, so a Grand Fixed Cross was activated, featuring the Directed Pluto, the Sun, MH and Mars. And guess what, the illness then developed a huge degree of inflammation ie the Rheumatoid Arthritis. Now obviously Pluto is also about secrets, especially in the sign of Scorpio, so things that I had been bottling up for some years, needed to come out, and they have. Not vindictively, but some firmer boundaries have been put in place and I have changed in many ways, as my own personal journey evolved. And all this has given me an EVEN greater passion for astrology and the benefits it brings. Now Directed influences go miles beyond my zodiac sign or yours. It is so much more detailed and of course totally personal to each person’s situation. It is more profound, but if we really want to unlock or fullest potential it will take some grist to do so. So, how does this impact on you?

Well, if you buy a 12 Month Personal Horoscope Forecast from me, or a Combination 12 Month Personal Forecast and Character Analysis (both based on your unique Birth Data), I use Directions in the preparation of these. I also use a Progressed Moon, because that is one Planet (or Luminary in the case of the Moon) which doesn’t work through Directions in the same way. Now, I still use Transits, but my Forecasts will give you a so much more of a penetrating insight into your situation, and from this you can guide your moves so much more successfully. My example above is just one small part going on in my situation, there are other hugely positive strands too, and guess what, from all the love, advice, support and healing I have gratefully received from yourselves, I have also got so much better, met the love of my life, got married and things are evolving very positively again and with the knowledge of your Personal Horoscope Forecast based on Directions, the Progressed Moon AND your Transits, it can for you too.

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Sarah Swain (YouTube) “I Purchased and I am always referring to it, most precious buy ever…” February 5th 2019.

Elizabeth M (Scotland) “Just wanted to say thanks for my reading. Was overwhelmed with it last night at how accurate it was. A few things you said have already happened. Thanks again.” January 16th 2019.

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