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October begins with a line-up planets in the sign of Libra. All this is asking us to think carefully about how we interact with others, and also where we may want to be a bit more competitive. And this part of the equation is given a huge boost on the 4th when Mars powers into Libra too. Mars in this area for the next six weeks, can see us be more assertive in expressing what we want. Single? This can be a time to be more active, so stepping up social interactions makes sense.However Mercury leaves Libra on the 8th October entering the penetrative and deep sign of Scorpio. Also the co-ruler of Scorpio Pluto, goes direct on the 3rd. If you have noticed a slowing down around goals and ambitions since late April, or an increase in personal politics and aggravation, this rewind will not have helped.

From the 5th to the 10th Mercury forges an opposition with Uranus. This could see some brilliant ideas burst into the open when we least expect them. There can also be a sudden desire to splash out money but in general ingenuity can be rewarded. If you are involved in a small enterprise a sudden opportunity if seized could delight.

However the potential for tensions does remain this month from Pluto as it clashes with the Sun from the 11th through to the 17th. Once more we may encounter someone who wants to force their will upon us or a situation which seems unbalanced or unfair. And the Quarter Moon of the 5th in Capricorn, is also going to be echoing this dynamic as it can joins with strict Saturn and squares with the Sun through to the 11th.

However on the 9th Venus glides into the sign of Scorpio. This is going to be a passionate, sensual transit, and can see us converting discussions to greater commitment, where appropriate. Venus in Scorpio can also point towards some kind of windfall financially that can come through a partner. Excitingly from the 10th to the 15th Venus opposes Uranus. And it could be a sudden attraction, fast moving involvement, or some kind of charismatic connection.

There is also a glorious angle between the Sun and Jupiter from the 10th through to the 17th. This points towards an alliance that can go from strength to strength. Any form of travel linked to a partnership or relationship can also be blessed. Overseas travel, or business interests can be strengthened. Fortune favours the brave with this aspect.

However the Full Moon of the 13th, will bring to the fore any irritation there are in bonds which are less harmonious. Or it may be the status quo needs to shift. Work, business responsibilities or family ties can all have a bearing on the potential to achieve harmony.

The Quarter Moon of the 21st in Cancer, suggests someone close may need extra attention, or quotes may be required to make good household repairs. The last ten days also sees Mars squaring with Saturn. A situation which has been accepted, if not particularly liked, could become more antagonistic. Frustrations can mount if choices seem limited.

The Sun moves on the 24th however, into the transformational Scorpio. In a practical context this can be a time to grapple with long term finances, shared assets, pensions, investments, business involvements. More spiritually we can gain a greater understanding of where our commitments give us a sense of serenity and security or not. This can be a time of ends and beginnings, but usually if we do let go of things, it is because it is time to do so. Liberation from unhelpful people or ties can come from the New Moon in Scorpio of the 28th which goes face to face with Uranus. In fact, some people may surprise themselves by how strongly they need to assert their independence. However, care is needed, not least with Mercury beginning a retrograde as the month comes to a close, which can cause aboutturns and sudden changes of plan.

This month is therefore, still greatly influenced by the roles of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. These are very powerful influences, and whenever aspects or influences are created by angular planets, as like this month with the Sun and Mars, it will create reverberations. Still, Uranus can some real spark to October and encourages all to be as open minded as possible, and especially should we have very set lifestyles or be quite conservative in our outlooks.

Have a great month!

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