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Hello & Welcome to your FREE August 2019 Astrology Magazine. With the power of last month’s potent Virgo New Moon pouring energy into the first two weeks of this month, as September kicks off, it really can be a time of increased industry, activity and achievement. But with the Autumn Equinox of the 23rd signalling the halfway point in the celestial year our interactions with others come sharply into focus in the last ten days of the month.

With warm wishes for this Month, Patrick.

It may seem perverse in discussing the start of September, to be talking about something which happened last month. But wait, there is a good reason for this. For on the 30th of August, we had a SuperMoon in Virgo, but one that also combined superbly with both Mars and Uranus. I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is quite a hot combination, one which pushes us to be much more spontaneous and live in the moment. Yet that’s not really how we generally think about Virgo energy, which is very often to do with dutifulness, commitments, precision, discrimination and achieving high levels of organisation. But due to the late occurrence of that New Moon, and also its connection to these two action-creating planetary influences, we are being pushed to be a lot more spontaneous as this new month begins.

One of the best ways that we can do this is to be open minded. Although Uranus is located in a Fixed sign now in Taurus, it pushes us to be much more ingenious in our approach to our resources. Taurus is very much to do with stability and wisdom around making the most of our assets, and combined with the Virgo energy of the SuperMoon, asks us to think quickly, listen to our hunches, but also to be very precise in how we carry out any initiatives we take.

With the Sun and Mars combining powerfully in a conjunction through to the 12th of this month, certainly it is a great time to initiate new schemes which have some kind of a practical benefit or to reinvigorate any ongoing strands, but particularly where we can heal or mend something that’s not quite working smoothly and as efficiently as it could.

Now, it just so happens that as this month begins, Venus the planet of love and affection, but also of attraction, including finance, starts to angle magnificently to the planet of stability, Saturn. Also Mercury, the planet which governs Virgo, is back in its home sign, so we have a fabulous opportunity with this Virgo stellium to bring out the best of this sign, but perhaps in more unique and novel ways.

So, whether we have something of a health dilemma or a long-standing practical or work based issue, the bright brilliance of Uranus and the dramatic energies of Mars can push us to be more inventive in how we might tackle these.

Virgo is also the sign of service, so if someone reaches out and wants to help in some kind of way, it will make eminent sense to be open to what they have to offer. But this might not be packaged and presented in quite the way we expect, and this is where overcoming our resistance to change is going to be important.

It is worth bearing in mind, that the two ruling planets of Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune, are in conflict for the whole of this month. Ironically, Jupiter also governs Sagittarius, and this is where it is located presently, whilst Neptune is also located in its home sign of Pisces. This combination can though lead to an enhanced understanding of the spiritual dimension, raising consciousness, embracing healing strands and any kind of imaginative approach to interpersonal relationships.

At a more negative level however, they can lead to unrealistic expectations, blurred reality or to coin a rather current phrase, fake news. So, if you are processing any kind of transaction, practical arrangement, business deal, travel plans et cetera, it will be very helpful to use the more precise influence of Virgo in its positive dimension.

The Quarter Moon of the 6th, suggests that we may experience a little bit of resentment for one week, if we are needing to put service or obligations above freedom, and also cautions us not to take on too much. So, there is no doubt with Mars and Uranus in the mix, we could be more impetuous and freewheeling and our approach to the earthiness of all these energies is something we do need to tap into in order to keep us grounded.

Now, it is true that there is a powerful Pisces Full Moon 5.32 BST on 14th September. But this does link helpfully to Pluto, and whilst Pluto continues to rewind for the whole of this month, it does forge a sensational angle with the Sun from the 10th through to the 16th. This can signal the potential for inner changes deep within us or external changes which can see us making progress in quite significant ways in terms of our worldly interactions and standing. Fortunately, one of the great things about Virgo energy is that it helps us to sort the proverbial wheat from the chaff. This is an excellent time to keep notes, prioritise our goals and put off anything which is non-essential.

There is a change of energy to this, signalled not just by that Full Moon on the 14th, which does ask us to stay mindful of the more spiritual and less tangible elements of our existence, and that is the switch of Mercury followed by Venus into the sign of Libra. In fact, the two are in conjunction superbly in week two, in Virgo, before they relocate, signalling that our communicational abilities can be assisted by relating skilfully and accurately. Once this duo actually move however, they continue to combine brilliantly, and in the last week of the month, forge sensational links to the planet of buoyancy and expansion, Jupiter.

But the potential to achieve tangible results is further boosted from the 14th to the 24th by Mars, in an amazing trine with Pluto. These are the two co-regents of Scorpio, which gives you a sense of passion, drive and determination that they can bring to bear. Mars/Pluto angles can work well if we use our actions for the greater good. If tempted to take shortcuts to seek out goals on a purely selfish basis, it can come back on us, and if you do have some clearly defined goals, the chance to take giant steps towards them is definitely enhanced by this.

But whatever we want to achieve in the material practical plane, perhaps the most important part of life, apart from life itself, is how we interact with others. And together with the New Moon in Libra on 28 September at 19.26 BST, we are given even more of a platform to try to reach out and connect with others. Whether we choose to do this through the prism of relationships in general, close bonds, competitive situations and taking on known rivals, is really down to our individual situations.

But it is worth bearing in mind that this New Moon does Quincunx with Uranus, so one of the areas that may come up in any relationship dilemmas as this month draws to a close and October begins, is where there is a difference in values. This can be borne out just simply down to taste, all the way through to varying material belief systems, to misunderstandings over money and finance.

The lesson of Libra is that whilst we can try to be as accommodating of others as possible it’s also very important that we do not neglect our own individuality and uniqueness, so in a way Uranus in this free radical influence could actually be something of a positive in helping us not to do so.

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