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As 2021 gets underway, there’s the beginning of a shift from the ambitious characteristics of Capricorn to those of the humanitarian and sociable Aquarius. This process will not happen in one fell swoop however. Why? Well the two ruling planets of Aquarius, the stabilising Saturn and the revolutionary Uranus are actually in conflict for around 8 months of 2021, so a degree of resistance is possible to the changes society needs to adopt, and us as individual citizens too.

But hope springs eternal, and a new way of being for us, will become much more evident by 2023, but this will see require us all to refocus on what is truly valuable, human relationships and being more collective in our approach. For more on all this  and your Monthly Horoscope & Tarot Readings, and so much more Please CLICK or TAP below… God bless and stay safe, Patrick & Alyssa xx

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