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Welcome to July.  A month when Mars and Venus are in a sizzling alliance, and Jupiter and Neptune forge a beautiful spiritual alliance. This combined energy can lead to some wonderful connections for some.

However, with five planets in Retrograde until Mercury goes forwards on the 12th and the Sun in Cancer in testing oppositions to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in turn, there are going to be some pinch points and not everything may power along at the pace we hope.

One critical juncture can be the Cancer New Moon of July 20th which is directly opposed by Saturn. This is probably going to be about in balancing economic wellbeing with the need to protect public health around the ongoing challenge of Covid-19.

Mars also forges a brittle link to Mercury in the last days of the month which can see some tense exchanges or differences of points of view. Mind, the Sun’s passage into Leo on the 22nd also gives us a chance to embrace the power of its majesty and energy to reboot our plans and social hopes and interactions.

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