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Welcome to July, a month dominated by a shimmering alliance between the sultry Venus and the strident Mars for the first three weeks in charismatic Leo, before they meet again in the precise Virgo.

But with Mercury and Neptune causing mischief early on in the month, and the year’s most dominant planetary clash between Saturn and Uranus potent ’till the 7th, but still angling unhelpfully to Venus and Mars early on, it may not be until the glorious Cancer New Moon of the 10th, and it’s fine angle to Uranus that we really gain traction.

However, later in the month the first of two Full Moon’s in Aquarius does link with the expansive if retreating Jupiter in an enabling Semi Sextile and the roar of the Sun in Leo from the 22nd sees the chance to fully express ourselves and embrace sunnier possibilities.  For more on all this  and your Monthly Horoscope & Tarot Readings, and so much more Please CLICK or TAP below… God bless and stay safe, Patrick & Alyssa xx

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