Juno in Roman Mythology is the Goddess of marriage, also known as Hera in Ancient Greece. Juno was married to the highest of the Gods Jupiter in Rome and Zeus in Greece. Zeus had many affairs which led to manipulation, revenge and jealousy, but still Juno/Hera stayed in the relationship.

Astrologically Juno relates to equality and balance in relationships. As well as the need for commitment, intimacy and passion. She also represents sexuality within a committed relationship. Juno corresponds to a relationship where both partners support each other’s personal growth. Juno’s location in our chart can give clues about the life partner we could be with and shows us what our needs are if we are to be happy in a relationship.

We could pick our partners based on our Venus and Mars signs, but technically they might not always reflect what’s best for us. Juno on the other hand could highlight the compatibility of someone we can be 90 years old with, a soul mate of sorts.

However, any distorted energy in this location can relate to fears of betrayal and abandonment within these relationships.

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