Libra Full Moon Covid-19 Update…

A Super Full Moon occurs at 3.34pm GMT on the 8th April, 2020. The Air (logic) of this Libra Full Moon opposes the Fire (action) of the Sun in Aries. Our relationship to the self (Aries) and others (Libra) asks whether or not we are meeting our own needs and the needs of others.

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This Full Moon also sees an Ascendant in Capricorn conjuncting both Jupiter and Pluto, the planets of expansion and transformation. All three broadly square with the Moon and the Sun positions, suggesting a time when need to continue to adapt and modify our demands and especially in terms of consumption and consumerism, which could be said to be governed by Capricorn.

Yet the Full Moon itself works across the Axis of the 2nd (Sun) and 8th (Moon) House positions which in turn govern everyday resources (2nd House) and longer term finances (8th House). So the balance we are going to need to find from this Full Moon, is going to be fiscal too.

But some promising other angles to key planets and positions suggests a shift is developing which with good leadership at global level in terms of financial stimulus and investment can see strands of hope.

Both Saturn and Mars link very helpfully to Venus, and with all three now in Air signs, along with the Full Moon, communications and new technologies will be vital to the management and recovery from the Covid-19 virus.

This will require some personal discipline and restraint, and with Mars and Uranus clashing in an electric and frustrating way not everyone is going to find it easy to adapt or to obey to limitations around personal freedoms. A rebellious streak can surface causing conflicts and potential accidents. Mood swings are also possible whilst we try to navigate through finding our path through this situation, so creative subjects may prove a release to this electric energy. We might also expect some civil disobedience.

The Moon also Quincunx’s Neptune creating conflicting feelings and moving focus on our health. This influence can make us second guess our intuition, causing us to become oversensitive to those around us. This aspect can also potentially point towards a sensitivity to infection and the toxins in our environment so looking after our immune system will be key but our our physical, emotional, and mental health needs nurturing too. However, pleasingly, Neptune forges a lovely and enabling angle, a Trine to the Natal Mid Point which is at 17 degrees Cancer in the 6th House, the sector of physical health, purity and sacrifice, urging us to support one another through acts of kindness, and care.

Libra is also about community, and with many countries facing lockdown the need for connectivity will be strong and even before this crisis we would have still been asked to question what community means to us personally with the Full Moon in Libra.

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Libra Full Moon Factoids…
This Full Moon in Libra is the second of three Supermoons in 2020, all happening one right after the other, and this one is the biggest of the year.

The Full Moon of April is also known as the Pink Moon as it arrives with the moss pink, one of the first spring flowers in the Northern Hemisphere.

Weekday: Wednesday – Mercury’s Day
Element: Air
Moon’s Ruler: Venus

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