Mars sextile Uranus, be bold, be brave…

Mars may now be in the watery and rather conservative energies of Cancer, but its link with the planet of rebellion, innovation and freedom, Uranus now in Taurus, is creating a real sense of excitement and fresh possibilities. Any changes made now, if we listen to our inner voice and just go for it, have a great chance of success. Look to break away from all that is stale, stuck and stymied. This really is the time to seize the day. Don’t be guided by past experiences so much, be prepared to be different and daring. Even if you are someone who loves routine, a part of your pattern can be refreshed and revitalised by embracing all that’s new.Single? Be open to those who in the past may not have been your proverbial cup of tea. Someone different can be like a breath of fresh air. Basically happily settled, but unfulfilled? Look to find ways to reinvigorate your patterns, attitudes and even approach to sensuality and intimacy. Experimentation can bring greater enrichment. Look to be spontaneous. Equally, if a tie really has come to the end of the line, don’t perpetuate the misery. Be honest with one another, and move on but on the best terms possible, for Uranus rules friendships, and the need not to be governed by possessiveness.

Whatever your situation, get on the front foot. Fortune really can favour the brave!

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