Mercury Cazimi in Virgo – This CAN be LUCKY…6th September 2023

Mercury is Cazimi with the Sun in Virgo on 6th September 2023 

• Join me for my special Inside Track Video. 

• This is the THIRD of the FOUR Mercury Cazimi’s of 2024 all in Earth Element Signs.

• And despite Mercury being in Retrograde and this event, being a Inferior Conjunction, with Mercury in between the Sun and Earth, this actually can be more positive than usual, angling as it does to the planet of fortune, Jupiter in a wonderful, and enabling Trine. 

• It will be important NOT to listen to the doomsters who say that with Mercury and Jupiter in Retrograde good things CAN’T happen, for the reverse is actually true as far as this event is concerned.

• This is emphasised further still by the Natal Event Chart having an Ascendant in Scorpio in a helpful Sextile to the Cazimi, with the Sun and Mercury prominently placed in 10th House positions, and lucky Jupiter on the 7th House cusp of relationships.

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