Mercury links with Pluto – Perceptions Sharpened!

The last phase of this week, and in preparedness for Monday’s next key lunation, Mercury links with Pluto and this can be very helpful. People whose Natal Horoscopes have Mercury helpfully Sextile (60 degrees) or Trine (120 degrees) apart from the deep and potent Pluto, often have very penetrative minds, with a real love of research, analysis and problem solving. And the last phase of this week sees this planetary angle activated between Mercury in Scorpio, and Pluto in Capricorn.Mercury in Scorpio is inherently psychological and perceptive so this link with the co-ruler of Scorpio, Pluto just adds to that. Until recently, and from mid-June, Jupiter and Neptune had been engaged in a very distorting right angle, which has done little to create clarity and everything to create exaggeration. With this Mercury/Pluto bond, it is another opportunity to get more clarity in our thinking and decision making.

Venus also links to Pluto and Neptune positively this weekend, and this all suggests that if we can try to focus on the essential details, ignore those distractions which can so affect our peace of mind, and can concentrate on the people and situations that are really meaningful.

Pluto Facts…

Pluto is known as a ‘new planet’, which Astrologers have been studying since 1930. The word, which derives from the Greek ‘chthonios’, is defined in Greek mythology as ruling the underworld and death. A debate over whether it is the last planet in the solar system or the largest structure in the Kuiper Belt continues. The International Astronomical Union in 2006 terms it a ‘dwarf planet’ but astrologers insist this change in status does not affect the immense power this entity has.

In Roman mythology Pluto is the God of the Underworld, also referred to as Hades in Greek Mythology. The Underworld in these Ancient Religions are not like the hell we see in more recent religious philosophies, they are simply a place we reside in which is split into parts.

Asphodel Meadows were a place for ordinary or indifferent souls who did not commit any significant crimes.

Mourning Fields a section of the underworld reserved for souls who wasted their lives on unrequited love.

Elysium a place for the especially distinguished. The souls that dwelled there had an easy afterlife and had no labours. It is even said that Socrates who proved his worth sufficiently through philosophy, entered this section.

Isles of the Blessed the Isles of the Blessed were islands in the realm of Elysium. When a soul achieved Elysium, they had a choice to either stay in Elysium or to be reborn. If a soul was reborn three times and achieved Elysium all three times, then they were said to be sent to the Isles of the Blessed to live in eternal paradise.


Questions to Ask ourselves in a Pluto Transit
“What areas of our lives are being reborn to make way for a new start?”
“What lessons can we learn from our pasts, to help us in our future?”

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