Mercury’s Complex Pisces & Aquarius Retrograde…

Mercury moved into Pisces on the 3rd of February, 2020 at 11.38 am GMT. It begins the first Mercury Retrograde of the year on February 17th at .12.54 am GMT. But actually, you may be experiencing its effects right now. Really? Yes, really. TO DISCOVER WHY AND WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU PLEASE SEE BELOW…

Yes, the sense of things being bogged down, dreamy and not working as clearly as usual might have been prevalent from Sunday, due to what’s known as Mercury’s pre-Shadow (more about this below) and its arrival in Pisces. Why? Well, Mercury is particularly unhappy in Pisces, for here it’s in detriment and its natural preference for clarity is affected by the dreamy co-regents of Pisces, Neptune and Jupiter, and the Water Element of this sign. Fact really can seem stranger than fiction!

And did you know, that Mercury doesn’t go backwards at all? What really happens is a bit like sitting in a stationary train at a railway station. As another trains pulls in and then pulls away IT FEELS like we are sitting in the a train which is moving backwards. What it does do is stop and the other planets continue their traction (as long as they are not in Retrograde themselves).

However, the other complexity to Mercury Retrograde or RX is that there is shadow period that predates the Retrograde, and is repeated after it has finished. So when does this Retrograde Shadow begin?

Well, the truth of it, is that it has already begun, for when on Sunday Mercury reached 28 degrees Aquarius, those potentials for crossed wires, misunderstandings, confusion, stalled plans, glitches, technology and appliance failures may have started to show themselves already.

But why should this be when the Retrograde begins in Pisces? Well, partly in this instance it is because Mercury reverses back into Aquarius within the Retrograde on the 4th of March at 11.09 am, and emerges from the Aquarius Shadow on the 9th March. The Retrograde itself finishes on the 10th of March 3.49 am, before Mercury returns to Pisces on the 16th March at 7.43 am and emerges from the Shadow period completely on the 29th of March.

So what can we expect? Well, a greater difficulty in grappling with details, facts, clarity, and reason. Mercury governs Gemini which has an Air Element, and Virgo which is governed by Earth. So the tangibility both these signs provide, and crisp, clear communication is eroded. But then we must all remember that communicating is not the only issue, it is comprehension. So mixed signals are a very real possibility in this next two months and we must work very hard to double check all the strands of life we can control and affect, be it proofing emails, messages or texts or around more formal communication, contracts, travel, postage and interactions.

But please remember, Mercury RX can also be a fine time to SOLVE THINGS that have been in a muddle or that have not been working properly.

Mercury Retrograde (RX) in each Zodiac sign…

This Mercury RX in Aries –  Anything or anyone linked to your past may come more sharply into focus. But in some situations there may be no going back. You may also go through a period of intense personal reflection, and especially until the 19th of March.

This Mercury RX in Taurus – What do you REALLY want from your long term future, and who are the people you want to be beside you? Changes in your social circle are also possible right through to the 19th of April.

This Mercury RX in Gemini –  Your role in life, be it professional or more locally can require some attention. A goal or aim you had may stall, and you may feel frustrated, but a deep review can work wonders.

This Mercury RX in Cancer –  Contracts need especial care. Travel plans too. A legal matter may also slow to a snails pace, but actually, your highest values are set to be redefined.

This Mercury RX in Leo  – Business matters, shared resources, insurances, pensions, legacies and even real estate issues, can all be affected by this RX, so you may need to flex and rethink certain hopes.

This Mercury RX in Virgo – Relationships are at the centre of all our lives, and just how yours are working can be an area of consideration. Does someone really see things the same way or might you be assuming this. Try not to.

This Mercury RX in Libra – It’s good to help others, and be self sacrificing at times but if you find yourself in a role or relationship where your goodwill is now assumed as the norm, look to firm up your boundaries. Jobs can develop snags.

This Mercury RX in Scorpio – If you want to bring some romantic magic to your life, just be aware the process could be very fluid indeed over the next two months.

This Mercury RX in Sagittarius – Home, family or emotional considerations may require some care. Don’t delay grappling with any sensitivities Archer, you won’t be able to fully move on until you do.

This Mercury RX in Capricorn – Everyday communications require clear, simple but meaningful expressions of intent. Crossed wires with a neighbour, sibling or potential love interest are all possible.

This Mercury RX in Aquarius –  A creative strand may need a tweak or two. But if you do rethink and go again, the second half of March can be favourable.

This Mercury RX in Pisces – Start, pause, stop. And repeat. This could be a pattern for some weeks, but Mars can give you the gusto to aim high from mid February, as long as you have a very clear idea of what you want to achieve.

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