Mighty Jupiter Retrogrades – Make this work for YOU! + Zodiac Forecast ALL SIGNS

The mighty Jupiter starts its annual Retrograde on 4th September.

• This goes on for the next 17 weeks, right through to the last day of 2023.

• Jupiter is linked to growth, optimism and good fortune.

• Are we about to encounter misfortune and an economic contraction?

• Join me as I go through the themes of Jupiter, and how it these apply in the Steady Eddie of the Zodiac, Taurus.

• Discover the exact range of degrees involved and how this will have a particular impact on the Fixed signs.

• But see how we CAN turn this to our advantage and learn to flex and adapt. 

• But what does the Solar Event Chart tell us, with Saturn in the 2nd House, but the Exalted Moon applying to Jupiter we have one challenging angle, one really hopeful.

• Also Mercury chimes in helpfully in its link to Jupiter, as does the Sun.

• I also outline the Key Upcoming Aspects including a big polarity between Jupiter and the planetary posse in Scorpio in the last third of October.

• Learn to about the impact of Jupiter on the Lunar Eclipse of 28th October.

• Finally, I unpack a Three Month Forecast for each of the 12 Zodiac Signs Aries to Pisces…

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