Power gets challenged – Sun opposite Pluto…

Are you resisting some kind of major change or transition? Is there a lifestyle choice, personal attitude or alteration which is calling out to you which you are stubbornly refusing to embrace?

The ways this energy can come up are manifest, but it may relate to a clash of personalities in a relationship, or one person choosing to be overly forceful or demanding, and this kind of dominating behaviour can be particularly destructive at this time. If someone tries to use the dark arts of manipulation, jealousy, or possessiveness to get their way, and have might is right approach, it can cause tremendously bad feelings.

Then again, if someone points out a negative personality trait, rather than reacting angrily, the trick will be to be open to what’s said. If something has been out of kilter, be open to changing it. In fact, speaking of change, when Pluto is in the mix, sometimes it is better to go with changes even if we don’t fully understand where things will end up. Sometimes IT CAN feel as if change is forced upon us against our will. This can be painful, but can lead to an evolution in our approach which is life enhancing.


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