Rose McGowan Personal Horoscope

Rose McGowan is an American Actress, born in Certaldo, Italy on September 5th 1973. She is perhaps best known for her roles as Tatum in Scream and Paige Matthews in the television series Charmed. In January 2018 Rose release her memoire, detailing her alleged assault from shamed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein which is said to have occurred over 20 years ago. Since then over 80 people have publically came forward and alleged he is responsible for similar crimes, this in turn began the #METOO campaign, a shift that is potentially changing Hollywood and perhaps even further afield.

Moon In Sagittarius.

Those with the Moon in Sagittarius may have an optimistic nature, but they can also be emotional. This can sometimes point towards a succession of moods, ranging from wanting to conform, to craving independence. Those with this placement also tend to have a pleasant and welcoming attitude, which can see them becoming popular amongst their peers. Sagittarius is a Fire sign and so can exude fire and passion, it is also mutable in action, which points towards an innate need for variety and change. This expansion can occur in numerous ways, one way is to display a love for travel and a pull to explore foreign climates. It can also point towards day dreaming of far-off places, to satisfy the need to feel free.

Ascendant In Gemini

The nature of folks with their Ascendant in Gemini can sometimes be playful, and since childhood they may have taken on various roles and ways of being. The mood of an Ascendant Gemini can appear to be regularly changing, along with their hobbies and interests. If we think of this in a school setting, this is probably the person who knows everything in the class, and this knowledge can give them an advantage over their peers. People with this placement also tend to be persistent and purposeful, meaning if they want to achieve something, they will. The only thing that can steer them off track a little, is if they lose interest in said task.

Sun In Virgo

Those folks with the Sun in Virgo may often be referred to as the perfectionists of the zodiac. As a practical Mercury rules Sign, they generally prefer order and neatness rather than chaos and lose ends. Others’ may think this is controlling or see the need for order as excessive, but the attention to detail often brings high quality in all that they do. They can also tend to take their well-being very seriously, such as body and nutrition. They can sometimes get a reputation for being a tad of a hypochondriac because of this, but they just like to know that their health is in working order. Virgo, known as ‘The Virgin’ could make some believe that this is a passionless sign, but this is simply not the case. In reality, they tend to have an appreciation for all forms of intimacy including; the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental connection within a relationship.

In terms of career, some Virgo people may find it hard to ever relax, and work can sometimes feel like work is play for them. New projects and to-do lists may well excite them. A career in which they can use their analytical skills could be preferred, this could point toward finance or technology. In Rose’s case, Acting has given her the space to play differing roles and analyse her characters motives. All in All, The phrase “if you want something done right, then do it yourself” is a phrase that could ring true for many Virgo people.

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