Scorpio Full Moon – Secrets, Intensity, Revelations…

The Scorpio Full Moon is on Saturday 18th at 22.11pm BST. Cutting the superficialities out of our lives is key. Look for profound interactions and sincerity in relationships and finances. The inter-dependencies in our lives, be they in relationships or around practical financial issues come into focus. Is something that’s hidden and vital, about to be revealed or does something need to transform? Scorpio is the sign of change but with such transformation sometimes things will die but be reborn in some kind of new and more relevant way. But here’s the thing, the Sun, along with Mercury and Uranus are all located in the sign of the constant, Taurus, which like Scorpio is a Fixed energy.So what can make a Scorpio Full Moon so challenging is that it can ask us to look at things that we may prefer to maintain the status quo around and especially very close involvements, and at a more prosaic level even our relationship with the bank, mortgage company or insurer!

And it also the case that the Moon as it approaches the absolute point of the Full Moon at 27 degrees, will also go face to face with Mercury, and Sextile, Pluto, which coincidentally is the modern ruler of Scorpio. With Mercury only 4 degrees from the Sun, a charged conversation can occur or tricky subject come into the open. Sun and Mercury conjoined can lead to people blurting things out, and Scorpio energy can be very direct, even blunt. With Taurus energy being rather set in its ways, is someone about to be more direct and reveal something that up until now has been unsaid? It is entirely possible. The thing is, that person could be you, or even I.

And whilst Taurus Sun, Mercury and Uranus is asking us to think about our values, and the basic foundations of our lives and day to day finances, the Scorpio Moon is asking us to consider how this is viewed by others, our partners, but perhaps even competitors or people we are more aware that we do not find so easy to rub along with. In the most earthy of ways, if our regular incomings and outgoings does not seem in balance, this Scorpionic energy, thru the Moon and also through Pluto, is asking us to prise open the possibilities which can reveal the solutions, or to adopt tactics and actions to help put things on a better footing. But the Scorpio Full Moon angling positively to Pluto should not be feared as much as embraced. The chance to evolve, learn, heighten our personal and spiritual understanding and perception can be cathartic especially if we trust our most psychic hunches, but it is just down to whether we resist such changes or opportunities.

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