Strict Saturn ends its Retrograde

Since April 30th 2019, strict Saturn has been Retrograde in Capricorn. If during this period life has seemed like walking through rather thick glue, it would be of no surprise. Now however, he goes direct PLEASE READ BELOW FOR MORE…

Saturn rules the cycles of our live like no other planet, and when it goes through its annual rewind, things can slow down and become even more restricted and limited. Saturn pushes us to develop resilience and patience. With these qualities we can withstand bumps in the road, and steadily work towards our goals. But Saturn is also about coldness, detachment, conditioning and some say represents the father. In Capricorn, its primary home zodiac sign, it can certainly bring a more austere vibe to bear.

So, as he heads forwards this Wednesday the 18th September at 9.47 BST the intensity of his limiting energies will be reduced. But this doesn’t change the fact that Saturn in Capricorn continues to oppose the North Node, or the Point of Destiny in Cancer – the emotional pulling point of the heavens just now.

So, despite the about turn, more emotional considerations may still feel tender (despite the Moon being helpful in Taurus as it goes direct). And for many of us this will shown in the classic dilemma of finding that elusive work/life balance and this tension will continue until mid-October when with the North Node heading in the opposite direction, this clash will finally end.

For now, we can take heart that by applying ourselves and working diligently, and is it more likely to render results than over the last four and a half months.

Saturn facts…

  • It was first discovered in 1610 by astrologer and astronomer Galileo Galilei.
  • Saturn has 62 Moons
  • Is the 7th planet in our solar system
  • Is also the ruler of Aquarius
  • Takes around 28.5 years to complete its cycle


Questions to ask ourselves as Saturn moves forwards
“How can we revise our long term goals?”
“Who can we network with to expand our career connections?”

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