Stunning Virgo Super Full Moon

A Virgo Super Full Moon occurs at 5.47pm GMT on the 9th March, 2020 at 19 Degrees Virgo. However, this Full Moon also opposes the shimmering, mysterious vibe of Neptune. PLEASE SEE BELOW TO DISCOVER WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU…

Neptune’s embrace with the Sun, and opposition to this Full Moon asks us to the use the Virgo energy to get a firmer grip on the structures of situations. Inspiration needs application, rivers need banks, walls need foundations.

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Even if not so sexy, our dreams and expectations do require careful management and marshalling in order to become anything more lasting. And Virgo energy encourages us to grapple with the detail, without losing sight of the big picture.

This Virgo Full Moon in each Zodiac sign…

This Full Moon for Aries –  If you feel less than 100%, don’t discount there may be some psychological strands to this, especially linked to an old relationship. If you need to grieve and let go, then do.

This Full Moon for Taurus –  Your hopes for the future, can rightly be very positive and on an upward curve. But without pulverising your passion, do stay grounded and realistic about how you will achieve these.

This Full Moon for Gemini –  You can have high hopes for your goals and ambitions but for these to really happen, your foundations need to be firm. So, getting your work/life balance right, is key.

This Full Moon for Cancer – Some may challenge your world view. If they do, try not to take it personally, for it is amazing how different people can see things in different ways. Double check documents.

This Full Moon for Leo – Be as realistic as possible about money. If you are being a bit loose with expenditure, double down to check that you are getting true value for money. Considering a big ticket item? Proceed with care.

This Full Moon for Virgo – A relationship matter can occupy your thoughts. Do you stick or twist? Well, if someone is being exceptionally evasive, you may need to move on. But a true love, can hearten you.

This Full Moon for Libra – A matter of trust or sincerity can come into focus. If you are doing too much for others, throttle back for your own needs must be met. A fairer share of a job role, or domestic chores can help.

This Full Moon for Scorpio – You may need to be careful with your time management. That old maxim of not being able to please everybody all of the time, is one you may bear in mind.

This Full Moon for Sagittarius – Your emotional foundations can feel particularly dreamy and ungrounded. Someone you work with, may feel you are lacking focus. Try to stay as alert as possible.

This Full Moon for Capricorn – Because Mars and Jupiter link superbly to the Full Moon, this can be very helpful to you. A great time to expand and be more optimistic, but just keep a firm grip on the details.

This Full Moon for Aquarius – Are you being a bit too generous? If your financial foundations are not firm, or everyday costs are not under control your longer term situation can be affected.

This Full Moon for Pisces – Someone may accuse you of being too hazy, perhaps even evasive. Your own thinking can be very fluid and your energy lower. Look to interact with others in as constructive a way as possible.

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