Summer Solstice/Sun into Cancer 2019

Summer Solstice
The 21st of June 4:54 BST will see many people celebrating the Solstice, although whether they are enjoying the summer sunshine or shivering in the middle of winter depends where in the world they are. Solstice or ‘solstitium’ in Latin means ‘sun-stopping’ and it is either the longest or shortest day in terms of daylight hours depending on which hemisphere we inhabit.

The solstice has long had spiritual relevance as can be seen in the world-famous megalithic structure at Stonehenge in England which aligns with the summer solstice sunrise. Stonehenge is not unique in being aligned to the solstice, for example, across the ocean Ancestral Pueblos incorporated the sun’s movements in their architecture. Aztec West, which is part of the Aztec Ruins National Monument in New Mexico, contains a wall which aligns perfectly with the rising and setting sun during the winter and summer solstices.

Sun into Cancer
The Solstice also signals the first day of the Zodiac Cancer. The Sun is in Cancer from 21st June, at 10:36 am ET / 02:36 pm GMT until 23rd of July, 2019, at 10:50 pm ET / 02:50 am GMT. Cancer is potentially a sign that can be ultra-territorial but also deeply sentimental. When the Sun is in Cancer, we may feel a calling to assert what is ours, be this a memory from our past our a more material scenario.
If we consider that the Sun determines how we express ourselves, and Cancer being the planet associated with emotions, family and home, we may feel pulled to listen to our inner feelings, and connect more deeply with who we are and the people around us. Heightened sensitivity can be possible, but we can make the most of this time by reminiscing and trying not to take certain situations too personally.

Neptune Retrograde
This Summer Solstice we also see Neptune in retrograde, commencing on June 21st at 18°43′ Pisces and ending on November 27th at 15°55′ Pisces. This transit could see us taking off the rose-tinted glasses, and breaking free from any illusions that we have been under. Have we been kidding ourselves for too long over something? Now could be the time for a healthy dose of reality.
We could also see old phobias arise under this influence, but we may find ourselves finding it easier to open up about these fears. Facing up to some potentially harsh truths, can actually be a time for real personal growth.

How can our Zodiac signs make the most of the Summer Solstice?

Aries – Take this time to celebrate your accomplishments

Taurus – Try to embrace the new life cycle that is coming your way

Gemini – Don’t be afraid to spend some time alone

Cancer – Stand your ground, ready to take on any challenge

Leo – Now is the time to change the way you dialogue with yourself

Virgo – Reflect on who deserves your time and who is wasting it

Libra – Use this Solstice energy to transform yourself into who you want to be

Scorpio – Allow yourself to be open to spiritual change during this Solstice

Sagittarius – Before you book your next adventure, take the time to sort through your finances

Capricorn – Now is the time to zoom out and take in the bigger picture

Aquarius – Set up a daily routine or make changes to your current routine

Pisces – Let go of what the world expects from you and embrace what you have to offer the world

Thank you, very best wishes to you all, Patrick

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