Weekly Astrology Overview VIDEO + All Signs WC 15th April 2024…

The big celestial news this week is the exact meeting of Jupiter and Uranus in the sky, for the first time since 1997 and Mars plays a big role in activating their joint energies. The Sun’s arrival in Taurus however, could be challenging. Why? Well, he goes into a very testing right angle with Pluto […]

Weekly Astrology Overview VIDEO + All Signs WC 8th April 2024…

The week begins with one of 2024’s most influential events, the Total Solar Eclipse in Aries. What makes this so very profound is the link to Chiron, the so called Wounded Healer. However, the ruling planet of Aries, Mars, is in a very tense, restrictive link with Saturn all week, and along with Mercury continuing […]

Weekly Astrology Forecast from 1st – 7th April + All Signs!

Mercury bangs on the proverbial celestial brakes on Monday, start its 23 day Retrograde. But despite this an enchanting link in the first half of the week between Venus and Neptune, could trigger a very special connection. For any person who has a particular flair for the arts, creativity or music, this can be a […]

Weekly Astrology Forecast from 18th – 24th March + All Signs!

The Sun storms into Aries, and begins the start of its new annual cycle, with the Spring Equinox, ushering in a fresh beginning for us all and wonderful new opportunities as he links powerfully to Pluto, the planet of change, in Aquarius. With Venus applying to Saturn, we could find ourselves asking some searching questions […]

Venus Pisces 24 day Love & Money Deep Dive Video + All Signs…

Venus glided into Pisces today, a Sign that she is Exalted in, one where she takes on more star quality. • But what does this mean for the next 24 days? • How does the Natal Event Chart which shows Venus occupying the tender 4th House influence things? • And with feisty Mars also in […]

Weekly Astrology Forecast from 11th – 17th March – All Signs!

Venus glides into Pisces as the week begins, a home she graces with aplomb. We may feel sentimental, or hear from an old friend. A lot of restless energy still abounds though, but spiritual and healing possibilities are strong, as the Sun envelopes Neptune. Mind, with the Quarter Moon in Gemini in a right angle […]

Winter Solstice 21st/22nd December 2022 Astrology + Zodiac Sign Forecasts ALL 12 SIGNS!

Mars Retrograde Astrology – 30th Oct 2022 to 12th Jan 2023 + Zodiac Forecasts for ALL 12 SIGNS!

Mars is Retrograde from 30th October through to 12th January 2023. However, he has has been in shadow since the 2nd September, and continues to be challenged by Neptune and Pluto as he has been in the last month. In fact, once Mars emerges from Retrograde it will still be in Shadow through to Mid-March. […]

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