❤️ Valentine’s Day Astrology Video + All Signs…

This Year’s Valentine’s brings a truly unique set of influences to the boil on the day itself, as Mars applies to the deep Pluto, its co-ruler of Scorpio, but in the Air sign of Aquarius, for the first time in 220 years. With Neptune also angling to the planet of relating Venus, for those lucky […]

Venus Conjunct Jupiter LUCK CENTRAL? Once A Year Event between the Two Planets of Fortune.

Venus and Jupiter  are Conjunct EXACT 2nd March with the influence in effect from 27th February to 4th March. The two planets of Fortune, the Greater and Lesser Benefics get together once a year generally, and give us a chance to enjoy a welcome upturn or opportunity. But this year, Venus is in Aries, a […]

Venus Sizzles into Aries from February 20th, where it’s in Detriment. What does this mean for you?

Venus is in Aries from 20th February to 16th March. Venus is in Detriment in this sign, what does mean? What are the archetypes of Venus? Listen as I explore the mythology. How Venus in Aries has positive potential. Get the dates for when Venus forges two amazing links at the end of March/early April […]