Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 21st February to 28th February 2022

Patrick shares a Special Natal Chart Analysis of Britney Spears and its Progression and explains what this form of astrology means and Alyssa provides the perspective from a performance and familial viewpoint. The astrology for this week sees a Quarter Moon in the expansive sign of Sagittarius, but that can ratchet up the potential for […]

Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 14th February to 20th February 2022

This is a very powerful week Astrologically, with Valentine’s Day, Mercury returning to Aquarius, a Full Moon in Leo, the conjunction of Venus and Mars, Jupiter sparkling with Uranus and the Sun moving into Pisces. Alyssa outlines how Hermetic Wheel brings in the Eight of Cups midweek. The word of the week is Chameleon suggested […]

Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 7th February to 13th February 2022

it’s a complex week astrologically, a time when our idealism may be pulverized by some worldly realities, especially when it comes to money, resources and costs but there are opportunities too as Patrick outlines. Alyssa explores the transition of the Hermetic Wheel from the 6 to the 7 of Swords, and reveals some positive ways […]

Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 31st January to 7th February 2022

Mars in Capricorn 2022 + Zodiac Forecasts

Mars has powered into the sign of Capricorn. Join me for my FREE Deep Dive Video and learn 7 Key Facts about what this means. Also I share the impact of the Event Chart, and how other planetary positions influence this, as well as all the key timings for the next 6 six weeks of […]

Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 24th January to 30th January 2022

Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 17th January to 23rd January 2022

Patrick outlines what a big week that is in store, with a potent Pluto affected Full Moon, the switch of the North Node in Taurus, Uranus Direct, the Sun’s arrival in Aquarius and the continuing Retrograde of Mercury. Alyssa shares how the Hermetic Wheel switches to the Five of Swords. The Word of the Week […]

Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 10th January to 16th January 2022

The Four of Swords is a complex Tarot Card but Alyssa shines light on this, our choice from the Hermetic wheel. And clarity will be important with Mars squaring Neptune and Mercury going Retrograde. Still, with the Sun aligning with Pluto, Patrick outlines how we can use this planet of power and transformation to good […]

Weekly Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 3rd January to 9th January 2022

New Year Astrology & Spirituality Weekly Show | 27th December to 3rd January 2022