Scorpio Total Lunar Eclipse – 15th/16th May 2022 Astrology + Zodiac Forecasts

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July Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 2020 + Zodiac Sign Forecasts

The Lunar Eclipse of July 4th/5th (depending on where you live) in Capricorn urges us to balance the practical with the emotional, but new approaches CAN help. To discover what this means for you, please join me to watch my Deep Dive Lunar Eclipse Video + your FREE zodiac Sign Forecast Please CLICK or TAP on the […]

FREE June 2020 Astrology Eclipse Special Magazine…

Welcome to our Bumper Packed FREE June 2020 Astrology Eclipse Special Magazine. The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse or Strawberry Full Moon of 5th May, pushes injustices into the open. Scandals can also be revealed. Whilst the Annular Cancer Solar Eclipse of 21st June urges us to hold tight the benefits of emotional health and nurture in […]

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Lunar Eclipse – The Heavens Rock

This Partial Lunar Eclipse is going to be supercharged. It creates a polarity between the receptive sign of Cancer – the location of the Sun, and the material energies of Capricorn. Matriarchal v Patriarchal. Because Pluto is in the mix, power battles are entirely possible and secrets revealed. Lunar Eclipse July 2019 Times and Dates… […]

Solar & Lunar Eclipses July 2019

July 2019 is one of the most complex months for, well, yes you’ve guessed it, many a Moon. The Sun, Venus, Mercury and North Node will all be opposed by Saturn and/or Pluto at some point, leading to intense exchanges and powerful battles of will. Yet the Total Solar Eclipse 2nd July 2019 DOES gives […]