Clash of the Malefics Deep Dive Video inc All Signs…

The Clash of the Malefics is Exact 10th April 2024. • Saturn has pushed us to embrace the psychological sphere over the last year. • Now Mars comes along to test our progress. Why? Well, anything that is bubbling away in the depths, resentments, past hurts and wounds that are not fully resolved can surface, […]

Mars Retrograde Astrology – 30th Oct 2022 to 12th Jan 2023 + Zodiac Forecasts for ALL 12 SIGNS!

Mars is Retrograde from 30th October through to 12th January 2023. However, he has has been in shadow since the 2nd September, and continues to be challenged by Neptune and Pluto as he has been in the last month. In fact, once Mars emerges from Retrograde it will still be in Shadow through to Mid-March. […]