Mars in Capricorn – Power up your Goals & Ambitions + All 12 SIGNS!

Mars returned to Capricorn on January 4th and will be working through the Goat, for the next 41 days through to 13th of February.  • Mars is known as the lesser Malefic, but actually really shines in Capricorn where it is Exalted.  • Mars’ themes come from its rulership or the 1st and 8th Houses […]

Mars in Virgo – Mars Has A Cutting Edge for 7 Weeks, but Saturn Resists + All Signs…

Deep Dive Video – Mars in Virgo + All Signs from 10th July to 27th August. Mars Has A Cutting Edge for 7 Weeks, but Saturn Resists, creating intense frustration and this reaches a peak on 20th July. But there are wonderful opportunities from the 1st of August onwards to use this pragmatic placement to […]

Mars in Capricorn 2022 + Zodiac Forecasts

Mars has powered into the sign of Capricorn. Join me for my FREE Deep Dive Video and learn 7 Key Facts about what this means. Also I share the impact of the Event Chart, and how other planetary positions influence this, as well as all the key timings for the next 6 six weeks of […]