Mars in Capricorn – Power up your Goals & Ambitions + All 12 SIGNS!

Mars returned to Capricorn on January 4th and will be working through the Goat, for the next 41 days through to 13th of February.  • Mars is known as the lesser Malefic, but actually really shines in Capricorn where it is Exalted.  • Mars’ themes come from its rulership or the 1st and 8th Houses […]

Mars in Capricorn 2022 + Zodiac Forecasts

Mars has powered into the sign of Capricorn. Join me for my FREE Deep Dive Video and learn 7 Key Facts about what this means. Also I share the impact of the Event Chart, and how other planetary positions influence this, as well as all the key timings for the next 6 six weeks of […]

Welcome to the Spring Equinox…

3.50 am GMT, March 20th ushers in the Spring Equinox and the Sun’s move to the fiery sign of Aries, the Vernal Point and the beginning of the Western Tropical Astrological Year. How perfect it is, the new energy this change will bring at this time. This can be a time of new beginnings, fresh […]